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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Editorial response

The last issue of the Catholic paper from Madison had an editorial promoting yet another assault weapons ban to cure the recent rash of shootings. My reply:

This is in response to Mr. Christopher White's editorial in the November 23rd issue.

One thing that seems lost in all the recent discussion of violence in America these days is that the problem is not inanimate objects like guns - it is the human being that makes a decision to use these objects to harm others. It may be trite, but true - guns don't kill people, people kill people - and the proper response to an armed criminal is an appropriately armed private citizen on the spot - not a call to 911 and a long wait for the police to arrive and draw chalk outlines around the victims.

The perpetrators of all the recent shooting incidents violated numerous existing laws. For instance, the perpetrator in the Texas church shooting was by Federal law not allowed to possess any firearm. He passed a background check because the Air Force neglected to notify the FBI of his criminal conviction, and the fact that he lied on the Federal gun purchase record when he stated that he was not dishonorably discharged. Only the presence of an armed citizen - armed with one of those scary black "assault" rifles was able to bring the murders to a halt by shooting the bad guy. If an "assault rifle" ban had been in place before that citizen bought his rifle, more people could have been killed.

Our Constitution has the Second Amendment in place to allow citizens access to weapons similar to those used by the military for the protection of themselves and their families and communities.

Criminals and the mentally unstable will be with us always. New laws will not stop them, but certainly will deny good people access to those defensive tools.

One way to address the issue would be for the media to refrain from glamorizing the shooter with unending coverage on national TV. If the perpetrators know they won't be headline news no matter what atrocity they commit, they might think twice about going through with the act. At least the good citizens of America will still have the option of self defense if they need it.

Chuck Kuecker

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Email to President Trump

I sent Jugears a similar email early in his first term, long before I developed the habit of using that nickname for him:

Dear President Trump,

Now is not the time to cave in to the people who would use the events in Las Vegas to promote their anti-freedom schemes.

America has suffered under illegal and anti-Constitutional "gun control" since the 1934 NFA was enacted in response to the gang violence created in part by federal legislation (and a Constitutional amendment!) banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. The Treasury needed to keep in place all those "revenooers" who were hunting stills in the backwoods, and the "Valentine's Day Massacre" in Chicago gave them the excuse they needed to force the National Firearms Act through Congress.

The NFA, required a $200 tax on certain firearms clearly protected by the Second Amendment, and on devices known as "silencers". It also drove the creation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, which has grown out of control over the decades into a bureau that oversaw such disasters as Obama's "Fast and Furious" operation.

The assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., and RFK were used to force through Congress almost a word-for-word copy of pre-WWII German law as the 1968 Gun Control Act, which for the first time forced firearms dealers to obtain federal licenses, and expanded the powers of the BATF.

In 1986, legislation was enacted to ease some of the 1968 GCA regulations, but at the last minute and amendment was added that forever banned Americans from registering new NFA weapons, or making their own devices. President Reagan was supposedly unaware of this amendment when he signed the bill into law.

There are several bills in Congress at present that would at least partially remove some of these infringements. The GOP leaders have withdrawn these bills in view of the Las Vegas events, which is exactly what the anti-freedom crowd wants.

Stand firm for American freedom. Demand the GOP stand behind you and fight for true freedom, dangerous and messy it may be, over yet more regulations and so-called "safety".

Open email to the NRA

Just found out via National Association for Gun Rights that the NRA has issued a statement calling for investigation into the legality of "bump stocks".

After some searching on the NRA website, finally found a place to register a "comment":

Life member. Fairly disgusted that you would in any way violate the Second Amendment - which clearly says "shall not be infringed" in relation to weapons of war being available to the people - by suggesting that "bump stocks" should be examined as to their legality.

Gun control in any form is anathema. I demand you retract the joint statement and declare war on Bloomberg, Pelosi, and all the anti-gun creatures.

We must repeal the 1934 NFA, the 1968 GCA, the 1986 ban on new automatic weapons, and all the other illegal and un-Constitutional infringements on American freedom.

Freedom isn't free - and nothing can ever be made perfectly safe - especially by limiting freedom in the name of safety.

If you do not take action on this immediately, I may be forced to resign my membership.

When I clicked on "submit", I got this:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error

Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".


Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

New shop cat

He showed up a couple days ago, and has made himself at home.

He needs a name...

Update - he's the King!
(We've already got a black cat named Queenie. They look  like family.)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Another involuntary "telephone town hall"

Ron Johnson has done it again - my phone rang last night, and for almost ten minutes would not allow me to make a call, because Senator Johnson wanted me to participate in his "town hall".

Hang up, wait a few seconds - the phone is still connected. There's no easy way to tell the computer to release the line.

Sent the Senator an email suggesting stiff penalties for anyone making a robocall without it instantly releasing the line when hung up on, and giving an opt-out feature in the first seconds of the call - that would have the same effect as the federal no-call list is SUPPOSED to have. Also, stiff penalties for credit card scams and such that spoof Caller ID.

Just got a reply:

Senator Ron Johnson

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tammy Gay begging for more money, as usual

Nothing new here - but one thing stood out in her beg:

"Unlike our opponents and the GOP establishment, we don’t have a bunch of conservative mega-millionaires lining up to write us checks. We depend on grassroots donations from people like you. Yes, all of, you."

So, George Soros and friends do not qualify as mega-millionaires?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Injun Summer

Since it's been over 90 F for the last three days, this is appropriate.

If you grew up in Chicago before political correctness took over, you remember the annual Chicago Tribune printing of John T. McCutcheon's Injun Summer, originally published in 1907.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Kirsten, again.

Probably banging my head against a brick wall, but...

September Priorities Survey


I need a federal government that follows the Constitution, is limited by law, and truly supports American values.

I need immigrants to do as my grandparents did - apply to come here legally and then integrate into American society.

A strong economy will follow a debt-free federal government with minimal taxes and regulations, and vigorous prosecution of those who flaunt federal anti-trust, price-fixing, and conspiracy laws - like health care organizations, doctors, hospitals, insurance and drug companies.

We have a representative republic, not a democracy. Stop saying that.

(What can one say?  Jugearscare must go!)

 (Their parents made the decision to violate our laws - the children's misery is the direct result of that.)

(Show me proof man has the power to override the Sun's effect...)

(Let's use charged language, shall we? The federal government has no business having a Department of Education in the first place, let alone anything to do with student loans.)

(Yet she still sends me these emails...)

For what it's worth...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

Another Kirsten survey

Her comments in italics - my answers in regular font.
As kids across the country head back to school and Congress returns to session, I hope you’ll take a minute to let me know what’s on your mind.

One that values individual freedom above all other things. One that has a minimal government, firmly under control of a strong, well written Constitution. One where corrupt politicians spend long terms in prison rather than being re-elected.

One where a photo ID is required to vote, and immigrants apply to be admitted to the country rather than sneaking in.

One where everyone is treated equally, and expected to carry their own weight. One where no one can expect to live off the labors of another.

One where they are free to learn the true history of our country, without the teacher's personal opinions treated as fact.

One where people are born with a gender, and either live with that, or pay for any changes they desire out of their own pocket.

One where the government is forbidden from raising taxes without a majority of Americans agreeing to the change.

One where elected officials do not have the power to raise their own salaries.

Do any particular issues before Congress or the Supreme Court concern you or make you hopeful when you think about your children's futures?

The fact that Jugearscare has not been repealed, the Mexican border wall is not under construction, the health care crisis has not been addressed by vigorous prosecution of officials in drug, hospital, and insurance companies for racketeering, and that our state public schools have any kind of federal oversight.

What do you think leaders in Washington and in your local government can do to help build a brighter future for every child?

Repeal Jugearscare, repeal the income tax, end DACA, enforce the law as written, and the Constitution as written.


It feels good to unload...

Monday, September 4, 2017

Kirsten Gillibrand wants my opinions!

Been getting emails from her for a long time. She has been sending links to these surveys for a few months now, and I reply religiously.

Here's an example:

0% complete

Priorities Survey

Thank you for taking the time to let me know about what's on your mind. Will you take a minute to tell me more about your priorities? – Kirsten

My response:

Immigration - do it legally or stay home. Build the wall to help keep out the criminals.

Health care - repeal Jugearscare root and branch, prosecute hospitals, doctors, drug companies and insurers who collude to fix prices. 100 year old laws need enforcing here.

Abortion rights - there are none. Get a Constitutional amendment passed if you want the federal government involved here, otherwise, it's state's rights.

LB*** rights - see last comment.

Medicare and Social Security. I get both - and would love to see both programs abolished. Fix health care and get rid of the IRS - let people take care of the rest themselves.

Sexual assault - there are laws already. Enforce them fairly and equally at the state and local level. What happens on base is a matter for a court-martial.

Climate change - it's real, we didn't start it, we can't stop it. Look up - see that bright thing in the sky? It's the sun, and IT is the cause. Man is too puny to change the Earth's climate.

- states' rights at best.

Foreign influence - treat it like espionage. That's what the CIA is for, right?

You really want to help America? How about a federal law to stop email spam and robocalls, as well as Caller ID abuse? We have an FCC that has authority in these areas - use it!


Waste of my time? Probably, but who knows?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nancy Pelosi does good!

She denounced Antifa as a violent group.

Looks like I'm going to have to stop calling her by that rude nickname...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"D"-Day: 11/4/17?

"D" for Demonrats, Dissenters, Destruction?

Big Plans on the Hard Left for November 4

One thing overlooked in the uproar over Charlottesville is that this was, evidently, merely a dress rehearsal for a much larger-scale effort planned for this Autumn.  Activist groups on the left evidently have something big in store for November 4th. The idea seems to be a revival of the 1971 “Days of Rage” – an effort to shut down the country as a whole to force a change in government.
Thanks to one of many political mailing lists that AT finds itself on, we received an email last Sunday from the “Stop Mass Incarceration Network,” a little-known left-wing agitation group, one of many single-issue offshoots (contrary to general belief, the left carries out most of its activities through these small, mostly under-the-radar outfits. The mechanism for this was outlined in Scott Powell’s classic study, Covert Cadre).
Following a number of paragraphs of chest-beating concerning the Charlottesville confrontation, the message, which was sent out over the name of an activist claiming to be named Carl Dix, goes on to declare this:
…we must build off of this resistance to act to end the nightmare of this fascist regime by taking to the streets on November 4th and staying in the streets to drive this regime from power. is holding regional conferences to organize for doing this. Get connected to these regional conferences and get organized for November 4th…
…And we need to go from resistance to mobilizing to end the nightmare of the Trump/Pence regime. Right now these fascists, from Trump on down, are moving very quickly to hammer into place their fascist regime and this must be STOPPED. The organization Refuse Fascism has called for people to come into the streets and public squares and cities and towns across the country beginning on November 4 and stay in the streets day after day and night after night until the DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO! For this to happen, everybody needs to be at August 19 regional conferences to organize and mobilize for this.

Looks like the gloves are off. Keep your ammo dry....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Anyone up for a little counter-protest?

Just got another frantic email from WAVE. This from the link:

Protest the NRA's Carry Guard Expo

Join us in a peaceful protest of the NRA's violent and hateful vision for America. We will gather on the first night of the NRA Carry Guard Expo to remember the lives lost to gun violence and to demonstrate our resolve to live in peace.

Date: Friday, August 25th

: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

: Zeidler Union Square Park, 301 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee

NRA's Carry Guard is insurance for you if you carry, in case you have to use your weapon and the person you were defending against - or his/her relatives sue, or the local PD wants to charge you.

Can't hardly see how this is something any sane person would consider needing a protest. But then again, WAVE had kittens because the Wisconsin Center will allow guns.

From the NRA Carry Guard Expo web page:

NRA Carry Guard Expo Conceal Carry Policy

During the NRA Carry Guard Expo, lawfully carried firearms will be permitted in the Wisconsin Center in accordance with Wisconsin law. When carrying your firearm, remember to follow all federal, state and local laws.

Think of the CHILDREN! :)

NRA Carry Guard Expo
August 25 - 27 2017
Wisconsin Center
400 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Tickets available at the link above.

Might be fun to smile at the protesters while open carrying across the street on your way to the Expo...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Efficiency of government

I signed up for alerts on AB 427 a few weeks ago. Just got this:

WI Legislature Notification System

Thursday, August 3, 2017

After action report

Went to Madison today to appear at the hearing for AB 427, which would set up a standardized gun safety curriculum for Wisconsin's high schools.

Having a certificate from a recognized gun safety class is a requirement for all high schoolers who wish to get on their school's trap team. Some Wisconsin high schools already offer this, but there's no standardization.

The gallery was less crowded than when I was there for the Constitutional Carry hearing (still in committee). Several WAVE and "Moms Demand Action" shirts in evidence, maybe six total. Most of those people left after the first in-favor speakers.

The first speakers were a pair of high school juniors from Denmark near Green Bay. They are both on their schools' trap team. They made a compelling argument for the bill, and answered all questions with well considered answers.

Their coach was the second speaker, followed by representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Education.

No "against" speakers up to the point I left. Looks like this bill is going to get a vote.

I spoke to the trap team coach after - he thinks the Constitutional Carry bill will get a vote. Fingers crossed.

Took the opportunity to go up to the observation deck around the base of the Capitol rotunda. Just in time for the rain - got thoroughly soaked on the way to my car.

Update - got an email from Senator Lena Taylor - she is consistent, at least - was against the Constitutional Carry bill because it made training optional, but is in solid support of AB 427.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another chance to see a good bill get a chance

AB 427, which would mandate firearms and safety training in Wisconsin schools, will have a public hearing.

It's about time that kids get real facts about guns and gun safety, not just what the MSM and movies provide.

Thursday, August 3, 2017
11:00 a.m.
Wisconsin State Capitol
Room 417 North (GAR Hall)
Madison, WI

Thanks to Wisconsin WAVE for the heads-up. I was signed up for emails concerning this bill, but evidently the notification thing works as well as most governmental stuff...

Monday, July 31, 2017

Tammy's in trouble!

Just got another frantic email from Tammy Gay.

The operative sentence:

Republicans in Wisconsin are raising all kinds of cash. They've outraised Democrats 50 to 1.

Damn well about time - I hope this is a harbinger for 2018...

Saturday, July 29, 2017

FAL case seperation

Went out back this afternoon with some cousins to do some shooting. Decided to try out my FN-FAL I built up from a parts kit and a forged un-machined Century Arms receiver I milled up.

I had previously put in feed ramps that stupidly cut into the base area of the chamber in the barrel. Learned my mistake when I test-fired the rifle and blew a magazine bottom out when a case failed.
I welded up the feed ramps in the receiver and hand-filed them to match as well as I could the factory shape. Had to put a new barrel in and re-headspace the rifle by welding up and grinding the bolt locking wedge.

This rifle has always been touchy about magazines - some feed well, others miss feeding occasionally. Today, I had a misfeed, and removed the magazine. Loaded the misfed round by hand and fired it downrange.

Felt sharp pains in my left arm and right fingers, and a blow to my chest at the base of my breastbone. Thought I had been shot! Numerous small cuts in my left arm, some small punctures in my right fingers, and a weeping wound in my chest - though no hole in my shirt.

Found the case had ruptured about 1/4" above the base. Here's the part I found jammed in the breech:

The remainder of the case still in the chamber:

As far as I can tell, when I chambered the round, the bolt failed to go completely into battery, and the hammer fell on a partially seated case. The broken-off part of the base shows an extruded area, like the case attempted to expand into the now-too-large headspace gap.

The welt on my chest - likely a large chunk of brass:

Welts on my left arm:

My camera's flash obscured the marks on my right fingers. Those and the left arm probably got peppered with small metal shards. Nothing actually got stuck under my skin, luckily.

Moral of the story - always wear those safety glasses, and don't fire an FAL without the magazine - and make damned sure the dang bolt is in battery!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Correspondence with Tammy Gay

Just got this from Tammy Gay:

"Senate Republicans plan to plow ahead with health-care vote this week."
-- The Washington Post, 7/23/2017
The Senate is taking a vote on health care today, and we still don’t know exactly what they're voting on!
But we do know this: Every GOP health care plan we've seen so far would cause millions of Americans to lose their care and increases costs.
One report called Trumpcare "the worst-designed social policy in history." It's wrong for Wisconsin families.
Before the vote, let Congress know you oppose any health care plan that costs millions of Americans their insurance. Add your name.
Team Baldwin

aid for by Tammy Baldwin for Senate


Senator Baldwin,

Just got your email about how the GOP is holding the Jugearscare "overhaul" close to their chests - we don't know WHAT the bill will say!

Just how is that different from Nancy Pee-Lousy's "We've got to pass it to see what's in it!" that we heard before Jugearscare was enacted?

Hurts to be on the other end of things, doesn't it?

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI.

By the way - Jugearscare cost me and my wife over $13,000 last year, for "insurance" with a $10,000 deductible before anything was covered. We paid for all doctors and drugs last year out of pocket.

Health care is not a "human right", let alone enumerated as a function of the federal government. Repeal Jugearscare NOW.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Check Your Privilege!

MIT has joined the SJW revolution. Everyone entering their school of architecture is encouraged to take on=line psychological tests to reveal their inner biases.

Diversity Learning Tree

None of the links to their "privilege checklists" work, but the "implicit"  tests developed at Harvard work. These consist of flashes of pictures of "white" or "black" faces and other items that you presumably associate with those images. You select them as quickly as possible with two fingers. 

The test measures how well you associate the faces with "black" and "white" by how fast you select - and helpfully tells you if you chose "wrong" - i.e., you cannot natively tell "black" from "white", which supposedly is the goal of all this "diversity" - making the world color-blind.

Except, if you ARE truly color-blind, seeing all those faces as "human" rather than segregating them into the "proper" categories, the test fails - you made too many "mistakes".

It seems to me that rather than fostering true inclusiveness, all this "diversity" stuff is enforcing divisive mental images, as well as trying to convince certain classes of Americans that they owe something to other groups simply because of the circumstances of their birth.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good idea

Mandatory (?) firearms safety training in Wisconsin high schools?

AB 427

I wonder if this will satisfy those who want to saddle the Second Amendment with mandatory training?

Monday, July 10, 2017


A bill to deregulate silencers

Introduced by Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) last week the SHUSH Act would eliminate ALL the federal regulations covering the possession, purchase, transfer, etc. of suppressors!  That would be huge!  That would be even better than the Hearing Protection Act (HPA)!

Way past time.

Tammy Gay replies

I'm pretty sure my last email to her made it clear that "climate change" was one of my least concerns, what with bills in CONgress to deregulate silencers, repeal *and not replace) Jugearscare, and "draining the swamp"...

Dear Mr. Kuecker:

Thank you for contacting me about your concerns regarding actions to address climate change.   I appreciate you taking the time to write to me about this important issue.
I believe that climate change is a serious threat to the natural resources, wildlife, and economic drivers of Wisconsin and the rest of the world.   Because of the massive impact climate change is expected to have on our economy and life in our communities, we must address it.   I will continue to work with my colleagues to find bipartisan, commonsense solutions that address the causes and impacts of climate change at the state, national and international level.
We have a strong tradition in Wisconsin of taking on big challenges. Taking on and planning for climate change can help us build a strong, resilient economy and provide a more secure future for the next generations.   While we may not agree on every issue, your input helps inform the work I do in the United States Senate. 
Once again, thank you for contacting my office.  It is important for me to hear from the people of Wisconsin on the issues, thoughts and concerns that matter most to you.  If I can be of further assistance, please visit my website at for information on how to contact my office.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Letter to Senator Lena Taylor

Senator Taylor has decided the Constitutional Carry bill now in the Wisconsin legislature needs an "assault weapons" ban.

Dear Senator Taylor,

The Second Amendment specifically refers to military weapons - NOT hunting rifles and shotguns.

The whole intent of the Second Amendment is that the people - the militia, in particular, which was in the days of the Founders, defined as able-bodied males of the ages normally enlisted in armies, should have the proper tools to defend their communities from invasion or other dangers. The proper tools of the times were those weapons in common use by the British Army.

Obviously, the Founders could not conceive of modern weapons, but the intent is clear - the right of the people to keep and bear arms (common to the armies of the day), shall not be infringed.

Our Revolution was armed by guns owned by private citizens, and captured from the British. Some artillery was supplied by private citizens, as were the first US naval ships. We would all be speaking the Queen's English at tea today if it were not for those militia weapons held by private citizens.

Today, this does not mean shotguns and hunting rifles. It means military main battle rifles such as the M1 Garand and .50 caliber sniper rifles, select-fire weapons such as the M16 and M4, pistols, trench shotguns, mortars, and man-portable machine guns.

Here in Wisconsin, the people already own thousands of these weapons, including some full-auto and select-fire guns. These are not going away even if an "assault weapons" ban is enacted here.

Look at the real statistics for crimes. "Assault weapons" account for a very small number of crimes. Unfortunately, most of this miniscule number is high-profile multiple shootings, usually committed in so-called "gun free" areas.

The Second Amendment cannot be respected by banning the very weapons it is meant to protect.

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI

Email to Ron Johnson

Headline on Ace of Spades  - "We Said REPEAL!"

My message to Sen. Johnson:

America desperately needs Obamacare gone - root and branch.

The correct solution to America's healthcare issues is to enforce the LAW against collusion and price fixing. Hospitals and doctors need to post firm fixed pricing just like any other service provider. Drug companies need to have protections removed so that the free market dictates prices, not lobbyists.

Repeal Obamacare - and get the federal government out of healthcare. Up until the 1970's, the free market worked just fine. Let's get back to sanity.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Senator Lena Taylor sent me a newsletter email - here's the meat of it, for me:

Lena’s Continuing Gun Safety Efforts

Universal Background Checks

Lena proposed 2015 SB-776, which would finally close the
private seller loophole and require background checks for all
types of gun purchases. We need to make sure that proper
checks are being done on anyone who wants to buy a firearm.

Increased Training Requirements for Concealed Carry

Current law doesn’t specify important details such as class size
or duration when it comes to the training required for a
concealed carry permit. Lena proposed legislation to codify
these details and creates guidelines about gun handling and
safe storage. (2015 SB-777)

Proof of Insurance for Concealed Carry

The mental and physical damage that can be caused by gun
violence is very real, and very costly. Lena’s proposal would
require anyone applying for a concealed carry permit to have
proof of insurance to cover damage that may arise from
negligent use. (2015 SB-778)

No-Fly, No Buy

Suspected terrorists should not be allowed to buy firearms.
Lena’s bill would prevent anyone on the FBI No-Fly list from
purchasing a gun. (2015 SB-775)


Lena authored 2015 SB-729, which would require all new
handguns to have microstamping technology, creating a small
“fingerprint” on each bullet fired. This technology would help
law enforcement determine the exact gun a bullet was fired
from in criminal cases.

Opposed the Repeal of the 48-Hour Waiting Period

Last April, Republican legislators introduced
Senate Bill 35 to repeal the 48 hour waiting
period for handgun purchases. This waiting
period was designed to serve as a “cooling off”
period in order to reduce the occurrence of
impulsive gun violence and suicides. Lena
fought to stop this harmful legislation.

My reply:

Dear Senator Taylor,

I was at the hearing (Constitutional Carry) a couple weeks ago. I understand your concerns with uneducated or irresponsible persons having access to firearms and other dangerous items.

First we must keep in mind that the Second Amendment does no confer any rights on American citizens, any more than the rest of the bill of rights does. It simply prevents the government from interfering with the God-given, inalienable right to self-defense and defense of one's community, state, and country.

Second, there is no limitation possible under the Constitution, regardless of the opinions of any judge, Supreme Court or lower. There have been numerous judicial decisions made that are clearly un-Constitutional, and only await a non-activist majority to be overturned. One of these is the National Firearms Act of 1934, and everything dependent on it. This act un-Constitutionally required Americans to submit a $200 tax to the federal government for every sale or transfer of ownership of certain military (militia) weapons such as machine guns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and noise suppressors for guns.

There can be no requirement for an American citizen to obtain training in order to exercise any inalienable right. This means that there will be those who will own a gun and not know how to use it correctly, but the burden remains on them, as in any other aspect of life in society, to not cause harm or damage through their actions. There are ample existing laws to cover one who harms another through misuse or purposeful criminal use of any item. Requiring a gun owner to obtain liability insurance before carrying is akin to requiring poll taxes - only the poor will suffer. 

I know, auto owners are required to have insurance - but nowhere in the Constitution is there a mention of driving a motor vehicle. The Second Amendment is quite clear, as are the writings of the time when it was written - "arms" are what the militia member needs to have in order to fulfill his or her duty.

You were not present in the late afternoon when I finally got to speak, but I did mention the fact that the American Revolution was armed by private parties, including the period equivalent of weapons of mass destruction - warships and artillery. All were provided by patriots or liberated from the British. Our first naval ships were privateers.

The bottom line is - are we going to honor our Constitution, as all Senators and other representatives are sworn to do, or are we going to continue to infringe on the American peoples' inalienable right?

Remember - the bad guys will always ignore any laws enacted, by definition.

By the way - please do not be swayed by all the Michael Bloomberg and George Soros funded "Moms Demand Action / Everytown for Gun Control" shirts and lobbyists. No one asked my nor any of my neighbors for our opinion when they put together that "91% of Wisconsinites want gun control" poll.


Chuck Kuecker, BSEE, gunsmith and FFL holder

Friday, June 2, 2017

Email to the RocK County highway department

I am a motorcycle rider, bicycle rider, and owner of several classic cars.

Recently, County D and Q near my home were chip-sealed. This involves spraying an asphalt coating on the road and then dumping fine gravel on the asphalt. An attempt is reportedly made to compact the gravel with some sort of roller.

The result of this treatment is a road covered in, essentially, ball bearings, until traffic blows them to the shoulder, where they present a tempting place for bicyclists to wipe out. On the road proper, especially at intersections, the loose gravel is a real hazard to motorcyclists. Personally, I wiped out at Town Line Road and Creek last year on loose gravel in the intersection, after stopping for the sign there. Luckily I was not injured, nor was my bike damaged, but I came close to being run over by an approaching motorist who couldn't see me lying on the road before crossing the railroad tracks just north of the intersection.

That gravel was caused by trucks and cars making tight turns onto the shoulder, and was cleaned up by the Clinton road crews after I called in the hazard a few times. In the case of this "chip sealing", I see no benefit to the public, as most the gravel is thrown off to the shoulder almost immediately, and the remainder is just a hazard to drivers and bikers who need to make turns across the loose stuff.

According to the state DOT web site, chip sealing is supposed to be followed by sweeping after a few days. It's been a couple of weeks now, and the gravel is still there, presenting risks to all who use the roads. In addition, the center lines and no-passing zone markings have been obliterated.

When can we expect a clean-up crew and paint crews out to remedy these issues?

Chuck Kuecker

The only benefit I can see to "chip sealing" is profits to the people selling asphalt and gravel, and the employees running the machinery.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

After-action report

I went to Madison yesterday, sat for six and one half hours before getting my chance to speak. I echoed about a dozen people urging passage of Constitutional carry in Wisconsin.

The opposition was out in force. About thirty women and a couple of males in "Moms Demand Progress / Everytown" shirts (probably supplied by Bloomberg), and a few Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) people, including the woman who writes most of their emails. Several of the Everytown group brought children, including a couple of infants in carriers. One woman testified with her 2-year old - very cute.

The first few people speaking for the opposition got deafening rounds of applause from the gallery. When a few of us tried to clap after one of our side spoke, we were told that reactions from the gallery were not allowed. The committee chair did, in fairness, enforce this against the opposition for the rest of the hearing.

They brought out a couple of tear-jerkers, including this guy who got into the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

News 3 had a camera for the first couple hours.

Both a Catholic spokesman and a rabbi spoke out against, as did several school board spokespeople.

I got the feeling that the committee was on our side, possibly with an eye toward some amendments. One big issue for two of the committee was the elimination of mandatory training to be allowed to carry. Reiterating the fact that the Bill of Rights does not require permission to be exercised did not work - they kept referring to the "fire in the theater" restriction on speech. Another problem was the issue of schools being allowed to decide to be "gun free" rather than being mandated by state law. They kept on how this would be some sort of burden to the schools to post signs - which they all have now, anyway, under current law.

All in all, a good use of my day.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Live near Madison, WI? Want to help get Wisconsin back in line with the Constitution?

You will have a chance Wednesday, May 31st. Be at the Capitol in Madison, room 411 South at 9:30 AM. There's going to be a public hearing for AB 247 / SB 169, which would make Wisconsin the next Constitutional Carry state, eliminating the concealed carry license and it's associated bureaucracy.

Thanks, again, to Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort for the heads-up!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jugearscare blues

My wife called the "healthcare exchange" for some information, since she's without insurance since I retired and my "income" puts me above the limit for getting Jugearscare for her at a "subsidized" rate.

She made the mistake of giving them our phone number.

In the ensuing 24 hours, we have been called by no fewer than 20 different numbers around Wisconsin - each a robo-dialer that transfers to a semblance of a human working in a bullpen with other "operators". This person - it has to be a person, since no computer would ever be programmed with such ill skill at pronouncing English words and mangling our last name - reads from a script about how we had inquired about health insurance.

I hung up on the first few after telling them "not interested", swore horribly at the next few, got recorded messages from a few more while we were out, and told the last few that we were not interested and PLEASE remove us from their call list.

When Jugearscare is finally repealed, at least one segment of the economy will suffer - robocall bullpen phone operators. I'm sure that can all get employment in one of the branches of the Occupy movement, or as staffers for Demonrats.

Another screaming terror alert from Wisconsin WAVE!

Reckless bill would do away with permit and training requirements for concealed carry

Lawmakers in Wisconsin may hold a public hearing very soon on the dangerous new bill that would allow just about anyone--even people ages 18, 19, and 20--to carry a gun with:
  • No Permit.
  • No Background Check.  
  • No Training.
It’s critical your legislators hear from you today. Tell them to shut this dangerous bill down IMMEDIATELY.


Sorta like criminals in Chicago do every day right now?

My response:

I am writing to urge you to support AB 247 / SB 169, which would eliminate the requirement to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin. This  piece of legislation would return Wisconsin to the true spirit of the law under the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Wisconsinites already suffer under several un-Constitutional laws, such as the "Handgun Hotline" which requires law-abiding American citizens to request permission from the government to purchase a personal protection device, as guaranteed under that Second Amendment.

Arguments have been made that this legislation will put thousands of guns on the street in the hands of criminals. Well, gun control laws are only obeyed by those individuals who would never abuse their 2nd Amendment right, so allowing good people to exercise their God-given right to self-defense cannot cause any such problems.

Please vote to pass this legislation. Proper "gun control" is education in public school for safety and marksmanship - not retaining laws abhorrent to our Constitution.

Chuck Kuecker

Thanks again, Wisconsin WAVE, for providing me with a convenient means of notifying my representatives of my wishes!

Friday, May 5, 2017

More email to "representatives"...

Sent this recently to a local assemblyman:

From: Chuck Kuecker
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 11:24 AM
To: Rep.Spreitzer
Subject: [Possible SPAM] Take action to prevent gun violence
Importance: Low
Rep. Mark Spreitzer,

The proposal to require background checks on all gun sales (AB65 / SB34) is worthless and an infringement on the law-abiding people of Wisconsin.

Background checks do not affect criminals who steal guns or obtain them out of the trunk of a criminal gun seller.

We already have far too many "gun control" laws that do nothing to prevent criminals from causing violence. AB65 / SB34 is just more of the same, a "feel good" law that will do nothing to prevent violence.

Chuck Kuecker 
Rep. Spreitzer
Dear Chuck,
Thank you for writing about legislation to prevent gun violence. I am proud to be a co-sponsor of AB 65/SB 34 which requires comprehensive background checks for gun purchases.  I have also co-sponsored AB 74 which would restore the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. We must do everything we can to prevent gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of people who would use them to do harm.
Mark Spreitzer
State Representative
45th Assembly District
Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair
113 North State Capitol
PO Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708
(608) 266-1192 or (888) 534-0045

My reply:

Obviously, you don't bother to read these emails.

Bad law is bad law. No more "gun control" - let's have "criminal control" - if they are not safe let out in society with a gun, keep 'em locked up. Easy.

Chuck Kuecker

These politicians can't even make an effort to get their staffers to make up something approaching a logical response...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Governmental idiocy

My wife's CCW permit is up for renewal. So I go to the Wisconsin DOJ web site to help her do the deed.

They ask a few questions like what is the code on the renewal letter, your CCW number and driver's license number.

And a CAPTCHA picture matrix - "check all the pictures with mountains". etc.

This goes on for a few minutes. Finally, tired of this, I choose the audio CAPTCHA option.

I get a recording from Yahoo telling me that my computer is suspected of automated hacking of the CAPTCHA, or something to that nature.

If I was a violent person, the computer monitor would have half a dozen .357 caliber holes in it. But, as I am peaceful, I reloaded the page and tried yet again.

This time, it let me through, and my wife is now legal to carry a concealed weapon for the next few years.

What I want to know is - just how many "robots" try to renew Wisconsin CCW licenses in the typical day?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Reponse and counter-response

Just recieved this:


April 10, 2017
Dear Charles,
We continue to make real progress in our work to repeal and replace Obamacare. The American Health Care Act would bring down costs and increase choices for families. It would reduce the deficit and make the biggest entitlement reform in decades, saving taxpayers $880 billion.    And it would return power from Washington to the states and communities. We want patients and doctors to be making the big decisions—not unelected bureaucrats.  

Visit for more updates as we continue to work on this critical legislation.  


Paul D. Ryan
Speaker of the House

My response to him:

Dear Speaker Ryan,

Perhaps you misunderstood my last missive - I want what millions of Americans - many of them Wisconsinites - want. A complete repeal of Obamacare, coupled with federal prosecution of health care organizations that conspire with insurance companies and drug companies to get special treatment under federal law. Any other industry that offered "discounts" based on which insurance company you had a policy with, or refused to give a firm estimate of costs before starting an "operation" would have been before a judge long before today.

Put the health care industry back under the free market. Federal involvement should be limited to ensure that there is no collusion, and actual prices are given to patients in advance of care.

Health care lobbyists have run the show for way too long. We voted in Mr. Trump to change things for the better. What you and CONgress have offered us is still lipstick on a pig if it does not address the root cause of our healthcare "crisis".

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI

Update - got this bounce-back:

Your e-mail was sent to a send-only server, and your e-mail has not been received.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District and want to e-mail Congressman Paul Ryan, you may do so by visiting the following web page:

If you are trying to email Speaker Paul Ryan, you may do so by visiting the following web page:

Thank you

The email address - - was not flagged as "do not reply". Resending via his website.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Just got a call fro (608) 266-1212 - Governor Walker's office. He wants me to give my opinions or ask questions in a  "town hall" teleconference.

It's really nice to have a voice in state government - but there's no way to opt out of this teleconference.

Hitting the hook switch gives you another dial tone, but when you hang up, the teleconference is still tying up the line.

Could I receive another call - one I might desperately need to answer, while the governor is tying up my phone? What if I don't know to tap the hook switch to get another dial tone and need to call 911?

Karl Denninger speaks

Emailed Paul Ryan with this link.

Enough said.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And some for Paul Ryan

Still pushing that rock...

Please, Mr. Ryan! We do not want Obamacare "fixed" - we want it GONE.
Last year, my wife and I had $16,000,00 stolen from our salary to pay for Obamacare "health insurance" with a $10,000.00 deductible - in other words, $16,000,00 stolen for no benefit.

We elected you to be our representative - I had no choice, since I'm not in your district, and had a Democrat "representing" me. Please listen to us. No "deals" - why not go for the clean one-paragraph repeal law recently proposed?

If it was so easy for Pee-Lousy and minions to pass Obamacare, it should be just as easy to repeal it. We want it GONE, and soon.

If Republicans in Congress will not do the right thing, perhaps in 2020 I will vote for Hillary or whatever other evil critter the Demonrats come up with - better a quick clean death by poison for America than decades more rule by RINOs and Demonrats.

More for Mr. Trump

Perhaps I am Sysyphus, but...

Please, Mr. President - do not force a rebuilt Obamacare on us!

The federal government's involvement in health care should end at enforcing existing laws prohibiting price fixing, abuse of non-profit corporations, and racketeering.

Put the health care industry back into the free market by removing legal protections for organizations that would have been broken up and their management sentenced to lengthy prison terms if they had been in any other industry.

Repeal Obamacare in its' entirety. We elected you to repair the damage eight years of Obama and liberal Democrats inflicted on America - not to propagate the worst of his sins.

If you have any interest in a second term, or being succeed by another conservative President, please listen to us. Better Hillary and a quick death to America in 2020 than continuing RINO capitulation to Democrats.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another plea to Mr. Trump

Please, Mr. Trump - do NOT 'fix' Obamacare.

This needs to be completely repealed - U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks has a simple fix. Let's just undo what Obama and Pee-lousy saddled us with.

I would make one change - instead of "Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017", let's make it "effective as of date of passage. We do NOT need the IRS fining people for buying this pig in a poke.

Personally, last year, Obamacare stole $16,000.00 from my wife and me, before taxes, so our income was that much lower when we try to get a mortgage refinance - so we could "enjoy" a plan with a $10,000.00 per person deductible. We got absolutely nothing from Obamacare but a close call with bankruptcy.

Get the DOJ and the FBI investigating health care organizations for RICO and anti-trust violations - and then most Americans will not need health insurance except for catastrophic illness and accident, because health care will be affordable again. This is not the "popular" fix, but it's the one that will actually fix the problem.

We elected you because we were sick and tired of business as usual. "Repeal and replace" will do nothing to solve the real problem.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Constitutional Carry!

We have a new bill here in the Dairy State that would make us the 14th Constitutional Carry state.

I have to thank the Wisconsin Anti-Violence people for alerting me to this. I got calls in to all my Senators and Representatives, and Governor Walker. Some of these people have not even had time to read the bill.

Fingers crossed. It took entirely too long for Wisconsin to pass concealed carry - perhaps we can get in at the beginning this time.