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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Correspondence with Tammy Gay

Just got this from Tammy Gay:

"Senate Republicans plan to plow ahead with health-care vote this week."
-- The Washington Post, 7/23/2017
The Senate is taking a vote on health care today, and we still don’t know exactly what they're voting on!
But we do know this: Every GOP health care plan we've seen so far would cause millions of Americans to lose their care and increases costs.
One report called Trumpcare "the worst-designed social policy in history." It's wrong for Wisconsin families.
Before the vote, let Congress know you oppose any health care plan that costs millions of Americans their insurance. Add your name.
Team Baldwin

aid for by Tammy Baldwin for Senate


Senator Baldwin,

Just got your email about how the GOP is holding the Jugearscare "overhaul" close to their chests - we don't know WHAT the bill will say!

Just how is that different from Nancy Pee-Lousy's "We've got to pass it to see what's in it!" that we heard before Jugearscare was enacted?

Hurts to be on the other end of things, doesn't it?

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI.

By the way - Jugearscare cost me and my wife over $13,000 last year, for "insurance" with a $10,000 deductible before anything was covered. We paid for all doctors and drugs last year out of pocket.

Health care is not a "human right", let alone enumerated as a function of the federal government. Repeal Jugearscare NOW.

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