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Friday, July 14, 2017

Check Your Privilege!

MIT has joined the SJW revolution. Everyone entering their school of architecture is encouraged to take on=line psychological tests to reveal their inner biases.

Diversity Learning Tree

None of the links to their "privilege checklists" work, but the "implicit"  tests developed at Harvard work. These consist of flashes of pictures of "white" or "black" faces and other items that you presumably associate with those images. You select them as quickly as possible with two fingers. 

The test measures how well you associate the faces with "black" and "white" by how fast you select - and helpfully tells you if you chose "wrong" - i.e., you cannot natively tell "black" from "white", which supposedly is the goal of all this "diversity" - making the world color-blind.

Except, if you ARE truly color-blind, seeing all those faces as "human" rather than segregating them into the "proper" categories, the test fails - you made too many "mistakes".

It seems to me that rather than fostering true inclusiveness, all this "diversity" stuff is enforcing divisive mental images, as well as trying to convince certain classes of Americans that they owe something to other groups simply because of the circumstances of their birth.

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