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Thursday, June 28, 2012

OsamaCare is NOT un-Constitutional

Lots of laws are Constitutional and still smell to high heaven. This outreeks all of them.

The justices did manage to rule that the "individual mandate" is a TAX, which is exactly opposite to what Osama has been telling us for the last three years.

As Borepatch puts it, "what a disaster for the Democratic Party".

Nancy Pee-Lousy may be celebrating right now - we'll see how she feels come mid-November.

Romney is already planning his repeal of this unspeakable monstrosity. We will see if he has the guts - and the Congressional backing - otherwise, we are stuck with the one of the worst aspects of  (once) Great Britain...

Americans with Disabilities Act

Just saw where the Justice Department has made a bunch of new declarations about the application of the ADA.

Among them - shooting ranges must be wheelchair accessible at every firing station. This should do wonders for such sports as cowboy action shooting and anything that requires agility and speed.

Golf courses must have access to all putting greens, etc. How does someone in a wheelchair swing a golf club?

All new amusement park rides must be wheelchair accessible. I guess we've seen the last of amusement parks in America, not to mention little carnivals.

They already have forced many community swimming pools to close because the alternative was to install thousands of dollars worth of "access" equipment that likely will never be used in most cases.

The definition of "handicapped" is "anyone who feels handicapped for a physical or mental reason". I have a gimpy foot as a reminder of my motorcycle mishap - so conceivably I could get a "handicapped" license plate on my two-wheel motorcycle. Ludicrous.

Let's get a few things straight.

First, the world isn't fair, and the government cannot regulate fairness. No law ever changed reality, let alone human nature. No mountain will ever be wheelchair accessible and still be a challenge to climbers.

"Public" facilities - those run by government agencies - should be the ONLY targets of legislation like the ADA. Anything else is fascism.

Perhaps it's time for a little civil activism - if everyone applies for a handicapped sticker or license plate, and is denied because of a bureaucrat's decision, and sues, the federal government will be so tied up in lawsuits they might not be able to function.

Beautiful dreams...

Or, we could just repeal this feel-good piece of crap. If a business doesn't provide handicap access, for instance, they lose business, and if people feel strongly enough about it, there will be boycotts and such - and if the pressure is great enough, the business will adapt - "good will" is critical to a business.

Let social pressure change things - not lawmakers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ads are gone

I finally got sick of giving a free ride to anyone Google wanted to post to my blog - so Google ads are gone.

It's not like I was ever going to see a payment from them, anyway. For the entire time they were enabled, I "earned" about $6 - and they only pay in multiples of some ridiculous amount.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Free CCW classes

Greetings in Freedom,

Wisconsin Carry has a limited schedule of free concealed carry license training courses over the summer months.  If you attend one of these classes, you will leave with the "proof of training" document you need to submit with your concealed carry license application to the State of Wisconsin.

These classes are FREE and open to the public (but you must pre-register)  If you already have your concealed weapons license please pass this information along to any friends/family who might need their proof of training to get their license as well.

We have a few classes available currently:

Beloit (Rock County)
June 24th (this sunday)  
Sunday June 24 2012 to 1pm at the Beloit Masonic Temple, Beloit, WI 
for details email:


July 2nd 5pm to 9pm
To attend this class email instructor Scott Schiefe for details -


July 7th Juneau Wisconsin (Dodge County)  1pm to 5pm
Pumpkin Center Sportsmans Club:
Register at the following link:
Email instructor Rich Koprek with any questions:


Ixonia (Jefferson County):
July 14h, 2012
9am to 1pm
to attend this class email instructor Jim Burgess -


For each of these classes, contact the instructor to reserve a space.  You will also need to print and bring documents 1 - 6 from the following link to class:  (these are class notes)

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012



Had so many good ideas for posts at work, and can't remember them now...

Got to get me a little notebook or audio recorder...

Zen and the art of motocycle repair

Not much Zen, lots of wrenching action.

Wednesday, I got the gaskets I ordered for my XS650 - I found the pesky oil leak at last, coming from the front of the head gasket. Spent the evening putting the engine back together and reinstalling it.

It started with much effort and ran like crap. Timing was way off. Damn - I managed to get the cam timing off by one link in the chain. Too tired to do any more, so went in and took a hot soak.

Thursday, pulled the motor again - one hour - and found the cam indeed was one link advanced. Reset the cam, made DAMN sure it was right. After dinner, put it back in and tried it.

Started right up, ran nice. Set the timing, took a test ride. Runs good. Back to the garage.

Found the right exhaust pipe had spewed a slug of dirty black crap out - figure it was all the rich from when the cam was miss-set and carbon. No more smoke after that purged.

I count myself very lucky that I didn't bend a valve - this is an interference design.

Rode in to work this morning - ran real nice. No leaks apparent after letting it set all morning.

On the way home, stopped at the coin car wash and power-washed it to clean up the last of the dirty fingerprints and crud. No leaks apparent when I got home and parked it.

Now - we'll see if I can go a full tank without having to add oil...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh NO!

I'm a dead man! Just got this:

hello my name is killer demon am from china i've no other job than to kill to have been betrayed by some one 

very very close to you .I have been paid to  kill you. I don't know what your offenses might be  and i don't care to know..
but the person wants you dead and right now your life is in my hands.. If You want to live then make an offer, and right now

you have just 78hours to live after that me and my men shall come 

for your life and mark my word we shall not spare you.. And as am writing this mail to you my men are surrounding your house 
right now watching you and if you do anything stupid by going to the police or any force then you shall receive  a 

gun short from us.. but i can help you if you will pay me double of what i have been paid... then i can tell you who 

wants you dead..but that will be after you have paid to save your life..your life is in your hands now.

This is to Warn you that you must keep this as very confidential as possible the moment we find out that this information 
is been revealed then we shall take your life without any pity, right now let me inform you that your enemy is very close to you
as i'm sending this mail to you now.....remember do not tell anybody if i tell you who wants you dead... as soon as you tell anyone
then the information will spread and you will be dead.

you can contact me on this email(

Anyone know the best way to respond to this? Is .44 Magnum too heavy for email assassin? I don't want to ruin the pelt...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Broken golf carts and raccoons

My wife took the Harley golf cart out back to pursue her ongoing war on parsnips in the back CRP field. About an hour later she walked back. Dead cart.

My son and I drove back - the cart had thrown the main belt, and the flywheel was loose. I repaired that about a year ago with a new key way in the flywheel, but the crankshaft key cut was mushroomed, and I tried to do a jury-rig with JB Weld - which held up for almost a full season. Towed it back up to the big garage.

Looks like I'm going to have to tear the motor down all the way and weld up the damaged key cut, and then re-machine the taper and Woodruff key cut.

Son told me about seeing "eyes" up on the roof where we've heard scrabbling sounds lately. Went up with the big flashlight and a mirror on a stick, and verified that there's a hollow space behind the eave over the back part of the house - with a raccoon living in it. At least there's no direct connection to the attic.

Next project - chase out the critter and block off the hollow area.

Take Your Daughter to the Range Day!

Both of my daughters are good shots, so today I took my 7-year old granddaughter and her Mom out back to the range. I have a pink Crickett .22 single shot I bought just for her.

She was drilled in the four rules before she got  here, and followed them with minor reminders at first. By the end she was setting the rifle down gently and announcing "Going downrange!" before running down to see how she did.

Shooting at about 30 yards, she was getting into a Shoot N See target pretty regularly. Several bull's eyes.

I let her empty one magazine out of the 10-22 at the end, though I had to help support the rifle a bit - she's a skinny kid, and the Ruger is a bit heavy for her.

She wants to go shooting "every time they come" now.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ray Bradbury

A great American died this week.

Ray Bradbury was the very first writer I ever read as a child. My oldest sister gave me a membership in the Science Fiction Book Club for my birthday back in 1962, and one of the very first books that came was "Twice 22". I have been devouring his words ever since.

The world will not see his like again.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And now, the reaction from the dark side

Classy people acting reasonably.

“Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat

H/t Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

What's the definition of "landslide"?

Walker got more votes in the Demonrat - driven recall than he got in 2010.

53% - 46% for Barrett. Similar for Kleefisch.

I guess Wisconsin is sane after all.

What a waste of time and money. I hope this is a harbinger of November!

One sour note - Lehman vs. Wanggaard in the 21st District Senate race - Demonrat Lehman is winning by 2%, or 779 votes. The Demonrats wanted a recount, they were saying yesterday even before the polls closed - this looks like a perfect place to start. All we need is to find 800 or so graveyard Demonrat votes, and we retain control of the Wisconsin legislature.

If not, gridlock is better than having Demonrats in control.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day!

This coming Saturday -

I'm hoping for a couple grandkids out on my range...

Jesse Jackass in Wisconsin!

Chicago's favorite race-baiting "reverend" is coming north out of the People's Republik of Ill-Annoys to raise some hell up here.

If he wants to march on MY gun shop, he's going to find out how Cheeseheads react to trespassers.

Video from the story at Cowboy Byte:

I doubt he will get to Beloit - Milwaukee is so much more friendly to his ilk, with Barrett in charge.

Monday, June 4, 2012

GM == China Motors



We will be - if this passes...

Senate Considers Ceding Power to U.N., Sinking U.S. Economy in One Blow

John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and mate of the Heinz ketchup fortune, last week decided to revisit the aptly named Law of the Sea Treaty — or LOST.
This treaty was originally rejected by President Reagan, but the LOST agenda has been lurking around the corridors of the United Nations ever since.

The treaty, which was endorsed by the former Soviet Union, would reduce our military power, rob us of rights over our own coastal resources, subject U.S. actions in international waters to the authority of foreign countries and submit our country to an international taxing agency that would “redistribute” our wealth to other nations, including some of our enemies.

Naturally, the liberals like it. And by liberals I mean not just Democrats but some of the RINOs hiding in the GOP camp, such as the five living Republican secretaries of state, from Kissinger to Rice.

More at the link.

The US really REALLY needs to get out of the United Nations!

Open Carry

I did it today - first open carry off my property. Went to the local credit union to open an account for my son. No one said anything, or even appeared to be looking at me. Of course, I was not waving my hips around to attract attention.

Then, stopped at the local Marathon for some gas - pre-pay, so I went in and gave the clerk $20.

He noticed the gun - complimented me on it. Wanted me to draw it for a picture - I declined, telling him it wasn't a good idea to be playing with a gun like that.

He told me he's been in the USA for four years and mine was the first open-carry gun he's seen not on a police officer.

Glad to help raise awareness.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


This morning, I heard a truck start up out front - got the the west windows in time to see a UPS truck accelerating west.

No package was left.

Later on, while mowing, I noticed my two "I Stand With Governor Walker" signs were gone. Later on while riding home from the hardware store, I saw a similar sign was missing from a neighbor's house.

Just supposition and circumstantial evidence, but aren't UPS drivers all in the Teamster's Union?
And aren't all good union people supposed to stick together?

The recall election for Scott Walker is Tuesday, and he's leading in several polls, leading with yard signs I have seen, and leading big with donations. Osama and friends in the Demonratic Party are avoiding Barrett like he's a Tea Party candidate.

I think the Demonrats here in Wisconsin are seeing the writing on the wall - and it says "we are NOT going to allow you to dictate to us any longer".

We'll see how well such desperation plays out in four days.