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Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New breakthrough!

 The implant is specifically designed to be injected in the forehead.

When properly  installed, it will instantly allow the terrorist to speak to ALLAH.

It comes in various sizes:  Generally from .223 to .50 cal.

The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained and highly skilled technician, who will also make the injection.
 No anesthetic is required. The implant is likely to be  painless.
 Side effects, like headaches, nausea, aches or pains are extremely temporary.

Some bleeding or swelling may  occur at the injection site.  In most cases, it’s not noticeable.
Please enjoy the security provided for you by the Armed Forces of America .

Best regards,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

California Dreamin

Silly me - I thought San Diego was the sane part of California:

They sure have been indoctrinated...all except the woman at the end.

But she still chooses to live there...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's about time!

Governor Walker has told us he wants welfare recipients to pass drug tests before getting benefits. The outcry from the left will be loud and vicious.

Let's look at reality - something liberals / Demonrats never seem to do:

In order to drive a truck, one must obtain a commercial driver's license and undergo drug testing, and be subject to random re-tests. Federal law.

In order to fly an airplane, one must obtain a commercial pilot's license and undergo drug testing, and be subject to random re-tests. Federal law.

In order to work at any company that makes parts for aircraft, one must pass a drug test and be subject to random re-tests. Federal law.

In order to work as a regular employee in most any company that has any dealing with the US Government, one must pass a drug test and be subject to random re-tests. Federal law.

In order to work for any number of other private businesses, one must pass a drug test and be subject to random re-tests. Not federal law - yet.

Also - one must state under penalty of law, that they are not users of illegal drugs, or they cannot legally buy a firearm from a licensed dealer - federal law.

But ask people who want to live off the taxes paid by any of that above mentioned people to prove they are not illegal drug users, and the screaming starts.

I would go one step further - require drug tests before voting. There are drug tests that can show use in a minute from urine - let's require everyone to pee in a pot before voting, and if they fail, they get banned from voting for the next four years in all elections.

Perhaps that will break the Demonrats at last...

Response to the State of the Union from Chicago

Hey Jugears! Listen to the people!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Freedom of expression

Lately, there has been much discussion of freedom of speech, and how "you cannot" say certain things that offend certain parties.

Such as "Mohammad was a pedophile nutcase", or printing pictures like this:

Well, at least here in America, we have this thing called the "First Amendment" which ensures we will always be free to say ANYTHING about ANYONE or ANYTHING, ANYTIME.

We are free to say Islam is a political system of rape and murder.

We are free to scream "FIRE" in a crowded theater.

We are free to call President Jugears  "Mr. Obama" and print embarrassing pictures of the First Lady..

Given that, we are also bound to accept responsibility for our speech. If we offend someone, we have to accept the consequences. Speech that meets the legal definition of "fighting words" can somewhat excuse the punch in the nose that the Pope would deliver to someone insulting his mother, for instance.

The offended party has absolutely no right to prohibit our speech or publishing anything that is not demonstrably libelous.

Here's where we start to separate Islam and Muslims who murder and destroy in defense of their "prophet" from people defending their mother's honor.

Civilized people limit their responses to offensive speech to peaceful demonstrations, writing letters to the editor, boycotts of offending companies, and the like. If the speech in question is an outright lie, there are laws to handle slander and libel in the courts. If you insult someone's mother, you can expect that punch in the nose - and the puncher can expect to answer for his assault, however much his actions are excused for your insult.

Barbarians don't stop at a letter to the editor or even a punch in the nose. They strap on explosives and blow up innocent people, destroy religious symbols and historic monuments, and declare "jihad".

Barbarians must be fought and destroyed, or civilization will fall. It's that simple.

The first step is for governments to acknowledge that there are barbarians, and name them. Exactly how we fight them is open to discussion, but fight them we must, or we will die or become slaves to them.

We don't fight them by ignoring their existence. We certainly don't fight them by bending over backwards to avoid offending them.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Muslim respect in action

Libya - cemetery for British war dead:

You can't really call it a "mob". This is organized and evidently sanctioned by local authorities.

Muslims get all bent out of shape every time someone mentions their pedophile "prophet" with anything but the highest respect - but they have no qualms about  toppling a Christian symbol, or walking on the graves of people who fought to keep them free from the Nazis.

Notice the guy who pulls the gravestone with the Star of David out without damaging it. I wonder if he's got something special in mind for that stone - so many others were broken and smashed.

Anyone know what they are saying?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More useless legislation

More and more I think we need a concise amendment to the Constitution - something along the lines of "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW.".There would be some exceptions - like budgets - with strict rules on what they could say...

Obama says hacks show need for cybersecurity law

Washington (AFP) - President Barack Obama said Tuesday the cyber attacks against Sony and the Pentagon's Central Command highlight the need for toughened laws on cybersecurity.

Obama made the comment as the White House unveiled a proposal to revive cybersecurity legislation stalled over the past few years.
If I am not mistaken, there are already quite a few federal laws on the books addressing hackers and cyber crime. Some harken back to the 1970's.

How will yet another law, written by lawyers for lawyers, go any good?


Obvious observation

To anyone who bothered to read the Constitution, anyway:

ATF is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution to make rulings or regulations pertaining to the right of private citizens to keep and bear arms

By Don Cline. January 10th, 2015

"It is time we recognize that the ATF is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution to make rulings or regulations pertaining to the right of private citizens to keep and bear arms. Monograph follows" -
Here is an important argument against “background checks” as a precondition to receiving (or being denied) “government permission” to exercise a right. I’ve been posting this argument on every discussion board I can find, and I hope you will all forward it to your lists and either keep it on hand for when you encounter some doofus advocating background checks, or point me toward said doofus so I can present my argument to him (or her) directly.
He does a very good job of showing why the ATF should not exist, at least as far as the 'F' goes. Go read the whole thing.

More provocation

The attitude of leftists so far to the evil devout Muslims have committed is akin to complaining about Schikelgruber's mustache in cartoons drawn in the 1930's would have been.

Islam, as practiced by all too many Muslims, is EVIL. Until Muslims change their religion to integrate peacefully with the rest of the world, we must fight Islam as we would any evil bent on destroying human civilization.

They started this war. We can either finish it, or we can all die or become slaves of Islam.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Three things you might not know about Islam

From Bare Naked Islam

You have been warned.

More hopeful signs

Saw an article from the AP in the Janesville Gazette this morning.

Muslims are discussing terrorism and how it does not represent the religion as a whole. A Saudi official spoke out against violence.

It's great if it's true, that the often mentioned peace-loving Muslim majority are talking about how they don't support jihad and murder.

Now - how about some street demonstrations - say, in Paris - of those majority Muslims protesting the "extremist minority" that is giving all those good people a bad image?

How about more Muslims like the shopkeeper who hid patrons from the extremists holding hostages in his freezer? Proof that all Muslims are not believers in murder.

I'm waiting to see more public acts are against extremism - perhaps some Saudi beheadings of extremist religious leaders for advocating murder. Talk is cheap.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A ray of hope

In South Carolina:

Bill to bring second amendment education to classrooms

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A proposed bill is looking to change the zero-tolerance policy South Carolina schools have toward guns by requiring specific second amendment curriculum.
"The second amendment should be freely debated in schools and instead the second amendment is being squelched in our schools," said Rep. Alan Clemmons, R - Horry County.
Rep. Clemmons said he first thought of the idea after hearing about the Summerville student who was punished for turning in a fictional story about shooting his neighbor's dinosaur.
The Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 would give students the opportunity for reasonable expression of the second amendment at school without fear of punishment.

H/t to Bob Owens

 It sure looks to me like the tide has turned. First, polls indicating most Americans want the Second Amendment recognized for what it really means, now push-back against "zero intelligence" in schools.

About time, though I hope Rep. Clemmons heeds Bob's advice:
I would like to see the re-imposition of legitimate, mandatory, year-long civics courses, something that seems to have fallen out of favor in many school districts which would rather teach children about anal sex and alternate genders than the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, their rights and duties as citizens, and how those relationships work between citizens and governments in our constitutional republic. Discussions about constitutional rights including the Second Amendment would be naturally embedded and discussed in a much richer context in such a course.
I’d suggest that Rep. Clemmons drastically alter the Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 (.DOCX Format download), stripping it down to an act that protects the rights of faculty and students to discuss the Second Amendment and firearms-related issues from punishments by overzealous anti-gun educators.  I’d then suggest a completely separate bill to focus on broadening civics education, replacing some of the social science propaganda being pushed these days as an educational necessity.
We’re all better served in the Second Amendment community by well-rounded students with a classical education.
 Hear, hear!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo

So, twelve innocents are murdered in cold blood by insane (read, all too typical) members of the "religion of peace and love", Islam.

I don't hear any Muslim leaders calling out for punishment of the criminals. By their silence, they approve of these heinous crimes.

Unless and until Muslim leaders both call for criminal prosecution and possible execution after a guilty verdict for the perpetrators of all "terrorist" acts done in the name of Allah, the only reasonable response to these crimes is to treat them as acts of war.

Give the Muslims 30 days to turn over the criminals for trial, and if they don't, target Mecca with a big, dirty nuke, set for a penetrating ground burst. For every month thereafter without Muslim leaders responding to rein in their "extremist" believers, target another Muslim holy site or large city. The 30-day grace period is to allow them to evacuate their people. If anyone dies as a result of these responses, it will fall directly on the heads of the leaders of this "religion".

Our jug-eared "leader" doesn't believe that the Paris attack was an act of terror? He's tacitly agreeing with their methods.

So .Let's review. First, our "president". quoted:

 An oldie but goodie - the proper fate for all of these criminals:

This one got people killed, too. How many were murdered when someone made fun of the Pope or Billy Graham - ever?

May the fleas of a million syphilitic sheep inhabit the armpits and groins of every Muslim who actively supports jihad and terrorism, or by silence, tacitly supports it.

If "Allah" is such an insecure god as to require acts of terror to be committed at every small indignity, perhaps he's not worthy of anyone's worship. A REAL GOD can survive stupid insults, and religious believers can be sure that their god is going to win in the end - no need for them to murder and maim in his name.

If Charlie Hebdo is still in business after this, I'm going to subscribe. Perhaps I can brush up on the French they tried to teach me in third grade...

A parting shot - this is too good not to steal and preserve for ever: