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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Governmental idiocy

My wife's CCW permit is up for renewal. So I go to the Wisconsin DOJ web site to help her do the deed.

They ask a few questions like what is the code on the renewal letter, your CCW number and driver's license number.

And a CAPTCHA picture matrix - "check all the pictures with mountains". etc.

This goes on for a few minutes. Finally, tired of this, I choose the audio CAPTCHA option.

I get a recording from Yahoo telling me that my computer is suspected of automated hacking of the CAPTCHA, or something to that nature.

If I was a violent person, the computer monitor would have half a dozen .357 caliber holes in it. But, as I am peaceful, I reloaded the page and tried yet again.

This time, it let me through, and my wife is now legal to carry a concealed weapon for the next few years.

What I want to know is - just how many "robots" try to renew Wisconsin CCW licenses in the typical day?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Reponse and counter-response

Just recieved this:


April 10, 2017
Dear Charles,
We continue to make real progress in our work to repeal and replace Obamacare. The American Health Care Act would bring down costs and increase choices for families. It would reduce the deficit and make the biggest entitlement reform in decades, saving taxpayers $880 billion.    And it would return power from Washington to the states and communities. We want patients and doctors to be making the big decisions—not unelected bureaucrats.  

Visit for more updates as we continue to work on this critical legislation.  


Paul D. Ryan
Speaker of the House

My response to him:

Dear Speaker Ryan,

Perhaps you misunderstood my last missive - I want what millions of Americans - many of them Wisconsinites - want. A complete repeal of Obamacare, coupled with federal prosecution of health care organizations that conspire with insurance companies and drug companies to get special treatment under federal law. Any other industry that offered "discounts" based on which insurance company you had a policy with, or refused to give a firm estimate of costs before starting an "operation" would have been before a judge long before today.

Put the health care industry back under the free market. Federal involvement should be limited to ensure that there is no collusion, and actual prices are given to patients in advance of care.

Health care lobbyists have run the show for way too long. We voted in Mr. Trump to change things for the better. What you and CONgress have offered us is still lipstick on a pig if it does not address the root cause of our healthcare "crisis".

Chuck Kuecker
Beloit, WI

Update - got this bounce-back:

Your e-mail was sent to a send-only server, and your e-mail has not been received.

If you are a resident of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District and want to e-mail Congressman Paul Ryan, you may do so by visiting the following web page:

If you are trying to email Speaker Paul Ryan, you may do so by visiting the following web page:

Thank you

The email address - - was not flagged as "do not reply". Resending via his website.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Just got a call fro (608) 266-1212 - Governor Walker's office. He wants me to give my opinions or ask questions in a  "town hall" teleconference.

It's really nice to have a voice in state government - but there's no way to opt out of this teleconference.

Hitting the hook switch gives you another dial tone, but when you hang up, the teleconference is still tying up the line.

Could I receive another call - one I might desperately need to answer, while the governor is tying up my phone? What if I don't know to tap the hook switch to get another dial tone and need to call 911?

Karl Denninger speaks

Emailed Paul Ryan with this link.

Enough said.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And some for Paul Ryan

Still pushing that rock...

Please, Mr. Ryan! We do not want Obamacare "fixed" - we want it GONE.
Last year, my wife and I had $16,000,00 stolen from our salary to pay for Obamacare "health insurance" with a $10,000.00 deductible - in other words, $16,000,00 stolen for no benefit.

We elected you to be our representative - I had no choice, since I'm not in your district, and had a Democrat "representing" me. Please listen to us. No "deals" - why not go for the clean one-paragraph repeal law recently proposed?

If it was so easy for Pee-Lousy and minions to pass Obamacare, it should be just as easy to repeal it. We want it GONE, and soon.

If Republicans in Congress will not do the right thing, perhaps in 2020 I will vote for Hillary or whatever other evil critter the Demonrats come up with - better a quick clean death by poison for America than decades more rule by RINOs and Demonrats.

More for Mr. Trump

Perhaps I am Sysyphus, but...

Please, Mr. President - do not force a rebuilt Obamacare on us!

The federal government's involvement in health care should end at enforcing existing laws prohibiting price fixing, abuse of non-profit corporations, and racketeering.

Put the health care industry back into the free market by removing legal protections for organizations that would have been broken up and their management sentenced to lengthy prison terms if they had been in any other industry.

Repeal Obamacare in its' entirety. We elected you to repair the damage eight years of Obama and liberal Democrats inflicted on America - not to propagate the worst of his sins.

If you have any interest in a second term, or being succeed by another conservative President, please listen to us. Better Hillary and a quick death to America in 2020 than continuing RINO capitulation to Democrats.