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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And some for Paul Ryan

Still pushing that rock...

Please, Mr. Ryan! We do not want Obamacare "fixed" - we want it GONE.
Last year, my wife and I had $16,000,00 stolen from our salary to pay for Obamacare "health insurance" with a $10,000.00 deductible - in other words, $16,000,00 stolen for no benefit.

We elected you to be our representative - I had no choice, since I'm not in your district, and had a Democrat "representing" me. Please listen to us. No "deals" - why not go for the clean one-paragraph repeal law recently proposed?

If it was so easy for Pee-Lousy and minions to pass Obamacare, it should be just as easy to repeal it. We want it GONE, and soon.

If Republicans in Congress will not do the right thing, perhaps in 2020 I will vote for Hillary or whatever other evil critter the Demonrats come up with - better a quick clean death by poison for America than decades more rule by RINOs and Demonrats.

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