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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thorium power

Clean, safe, efficient, and long, long overdue. This has the power to end our dependence on oil and coal for energy, while providing an endless source of gasoline and Diesel for our vehicles - all "environmentally sustainable.

Coal deposits contain the thorium, the thorium provides electricity and heat to convert the coal into liquid fuels. We have enough coal to run these plants for thousands of years.

Maybe by then, we will finally have a working fusion system on-line!

Petition to get safe thorium nuclear plants on-line

Vietnam Veteran's Day

The Rottweiler says it better than I could.

Picture from that post:

Never forget.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's irritating to me to see that all the elevators that have been installed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act have notices - "In Case Of Fire, Elevator Is Out Of Service - Use Exit".

OK In case of a real fire, all those people in wheelchairs who used that elevator to access that building are now stuck in there waiting for someone who can carry them down, or immolation, whichever comes first.

How does a blind person find the little Braille signs telling them about washrooms and elevators? For that matter, why isn't the "Elevator Is Out Of Service" sign in Braille? Was some bureaucrat concerned about increasing that person's distress about being trapped in a burning building?

Why hasn't anyone sued the Federal Reserve for making paper money that is illegible to blind people?

I see signs along Ill-Annoys highways stating "EXCESSIVE ENGINE BRAKING NOISE PROHIBITED". Who defines "excessive", and what IS the definition?

Winnebago Country in northern Ill-Annoys just posted a bunch of 2' by 3' signs on some back roads - prohibiting tons of vehicles due to weight. I understand these roads may be susceptible to damage by heavy trucks in the Spring - but exactly what good is a sign like that 1/4 mile from where said truck turned on to that road - and there's no good place to turn around for miles?

And those "DEAD END" signs posted so as to only be visible AFTER you turn into the road? I've seen signs on the same pole as the street name sign telling people there's no outlet. What genius thought up where most of them are placed?

Those expensive walls erected along new highway construction - probably at federal mandate - who decides which neighborhoods DON'T get them? I've seen them erected next to swamps - and ending right next to a bunch of houses. Were the homeowners asked if the WANTED their tax dollars to go toward a big ugly wall in their back yard? Some of these around Chicago are already beginning to crumble...

I feel so much better now!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Letter to the editor

Today in the Beloit Daily News, the editorial was "let's tie the minimum wage to inflation and solve all the country's problems.

Here's what I just sent in to them:

About the minimum wage:

We have had this law for decades, and for decades we have been ignoring the real problem. It's not that people get paid too little, it is that our government spends too much and prints money to make it look like our economy is growing.

Tying the minimum wage to "inflation" would institutionalize government overspending by making the dying economy invisible to most people. As prices rise, so would their incomes. When you make $50.00 an hour at Burger King, a hamburger costs $15.00, and gas costs $15.00 per gallon, your standard of living is about what it was when your pay was $5, and gas cost under two dollars.

Let's reduce our federal and state governments to the levels authorized in their respective Constitutions, and perhaps inflation will go away. If our government does not have to spend half it's income on debt service, it can provide the services required by Constitutional laws without the Fed doing any more "quantitative easing" by the billions, and without any more "too big to fail" bailouts.

While we are on the subject, how about a real in-depth audit of the Federal Reserve? It is long overdue.


A little history for you:

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obama supporter interviews herself

Another great video from Sunny:

Prelude to World War IV?

Seeing as historians have started to declare the Cold War as "WW III", I guess what I see coming has to be WW IV.

My wife, oldest daughter and I went to a meeting of the Rock River Patriots last night. They hosted a special speaker - Olga Halaburda, a first generation American of Ukrainian immigrants.

Olga has worked as a reporter for WFRV-TV in Green Bay, and is passionate on what is currently happening in the Ukraine. She works through Ukrainian Power Videos to educate children about Ukrainian history.

Despite what you might see or read in the MSM, most of it, anyway, what is happening in the Ukraine is the beginning of something big. Something on the order of what happened in Europe circa 1933.

Vladimir Putin is the star of this play, reprising the role of a short egoist sometimes known as Schickelgruber. He had a puppet by the name of Viktor Yanukovych, who was recently ousted as President of Ukraine.

The Ukraine has a long history of occupation and abuse by the Soviet Union, and Putin seems determined to reclaim the "glory" of the USSR for his Russian Federation.

The first step is to reclaim Ukraine. There were indications before Yanukovych was ousted that the country was being set up for a Russian-led version of Kristallnacht. Remember all those news stories about the rioting in Kiev, and the Molotov-tossing radicals being shot by snipers?

The "radicals" were protesting the systematic destruction of their freedoms under Yanukovych. He had ordered the police to beat protestors, many of whom were kidnapped and in some cases, "disappeared" by their captors. Over 100 protestors were killed by the government's snipers, while three police were killed.

Yanukovych had cut rail traffic to Kiev from the west, and was turning the city into a fortress at the time. This was while the world was watching Putin's Sochi Olympics and the MSM was reporting the unrest in Kiev as "anti-government" agitation.

The people of the Ukraine succeeded in their quest, and Yanukovych was ousted, running for sanctuary in Russia. He is a wanted fugitive now.

The Sochi Olympics over, and Putin's puppet disposed, alternate means of conquest were needed. Putin sent troops, divested of insignia, into the Crimea to "save the ethnic Russians there from Ukrainian aggression". He blockaded the harbor where the Ukraine's navy is docked.

If Putin succeeds in having the world believe his rigged "referendum" on the Crimea joining Russia, do you really think he will stop his empire building with a measly peninsula that will be a money sink on Russia? With the breadbasket of Europe sitting right next to it?

I'm pretty sure he will keep on marching, just like Schickelgruber did,

And our Jugears can play the role of Neville Chamberlain. He's already got the servile apology act down pat.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

PC bigotry

"This Space is not for White People; this Space is for People of Color" 

It’s OK to be racist and a bigot if you’re black. In fact, as the definitionists would have it, only white people can be racists and bigots, therefore, excluding whites because they are white cannot be defined as racism.
Defining and redefining words are important to move along new social, cultural, and political trends for the purpose of empowerment. Lewis Carroll has some insights:
"I don't know what you mean by 'glory,'" Alice said.
Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. "Of course you don't — till I tell you . . . . When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master — that's all."
It couldn’t be said any better: Gay Rights, Pro-Choice, Progressives, Affordable Care Act, Social Security, Climate Change. Redefine a word, change the nature of the debate, control the opposition.
And so we come full circle.

Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

And I thought Jugears would ban Russian ammo as punishment..

Russia stops exporting ammunition to U.S. in retaliation against Obama’s sanctions?

Yesterday, by signing yet another executive order declaring Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula to be “an extraordinary threat” to U.S. national security, Obama imposed a number of economic sanctions on Russia — “individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”
According to the website, Russia has retaliated against Obama’s imposition of economic sanctions by stopping its export of ammunition to the United States.
I would have thought that Russia would want to export MORE ammo to us - that way, we could be better armed to fight off Jugears' OsamaCare Gestapo.

Tinfoil hat time - is Putin banning ammo sales to the US in order to make Jugears' takeover via martial law easier? They are both Communists, well, one is "ex" and the other denies it...


This is wonderful:

Story at The Patriot Post.

Big Brother in your fireplace

EPA Not Blowing Smoke – Decrees Nationwide Woodstove Ban

In January the EPA tightened the permissible emissions of woodstoves from 15 micrograms per cubic meter to a maximum of 12 micrograms. You might wonder how they would enforce a ban without entering people’s homes or climbing upon their rooftops to sample the smoke. They simply use the same type of mandates they do in the case of new vehicle emissions standards.
They go after the manufacturers. The restrictions ban the production and sale of roughly eighty percent of all stoves currently on the market in the United States.
OK. Time for DIY.

Wood stoves - efficient ones - are easy to build. YouTube has dozens of examples. Here's one:

It might not be elegant, but i am sure that Americans can come up with elegant if they want - and the EPA be damned!

So, you think you can spend whatever you want to for health care?

Think again:

Obamacare blocks patients paying for treatment

Care can be denied 'even if patient is willing,' able to cover cost

A new report by the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at National Right to Life warns that one of the Obamacare provisions that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Americans would discover if Congress passed the bill is that some seniors will not be allowed to spend as much as they wish on their health care.
The extreme position was revealed in a special report by the NRLC titled “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States,” which analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare.
It finds several ways that the federal health care law “will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law.”
“These four areas include: the ‘excess benefit’ tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.”
So, Bill Gates won't be able to  pay whatever it takes to get treatment for himself or his family - it will all be up to one of JugearsCare's death panels.

Unless, of course, he elects to travel to Mexico or some other place unencumbered by our government....

If you can afford the travel, and the treatment costs in a foreign country, you are golden. Otherwise, lay back and think of England...

Or - rise up and rid CONgress of the CON - and the White House of the communist wannabe.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I have an account - but I don't use it, or even look at my page. I ignore all friend requests and have never "liked" anything.

Now I see that Facebook has invented 50 gradations of "gender" so as to be politically correct and all-inclusive:

Boys and Girls Together — But Not On Facebook

-a list of Facebook's new "genders"-
The goal of the postmodern Democrat party is to centralize and harness the power of the state, which is then used as a blunt instrument of intimidation to suppress liberty and bring about an imagined Socialist utopia.
Because Socialism always brings poverty, unemployment, misery and chaos wherever it rears its collective head, Democrats have re-branded Socialism with the feel-good label of Social Justice.
There is only justice.
If you hear someone passionately advocating for Social Justice you are looking at a liberal fascist.
In order to enlist social justice drones into their army, the Democrats use the classic Marxist-Leninist tactic of class warfare. The practical effect of class warfare is to Balkanize the American people into small, manageable segments that view the world through a primitive tribal lens. In fact, the Democrats are replicating the sectarian divisions that make the Muslim world an endless killing ground. For Democrats, it is always us against them in a Hobbesian war of shrinking resources. The Democrats posit a zero-sum theory of society. If your neighbor has a bigger house, a nicer car, a higher standard of living than you, it’s because he stole what is rightfully yours.
Right on! Go read the whole thing.

Itellectual Froglegs

Found at Theo Spark


Written in stone

The left likes to spend a whole lot of their time calling everyone who does not agree with their Marxist and "liberal" ideals "bigots".

Time for a reminder of who the real bigots are:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

From the horse's mouth

How the Connecticut state police view the people of Connecticut:

Seen here.

His last comment - "you're right - I am the master".


Turnabout is fair play

Patriot Activist Makes His Own List: The Home Addresses of CT Legislators Who Voted in Favor of Gun Control

Kimberly Paxton
February 27th, 2014


Here is the post, A Sipsey Street Public Service Announcement: The Connecticut Tyrants List:
The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders. I will be sending these folks my own email later today.
CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841
Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529
Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309
Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602
Kevin Kelly, 240 York St., Stratford 06615-7952
Steve Cassano, 1109 Middle Tpke, E Manchester 06040-3703
Anthony J. Musto, 15 Maymont Ln., Trumbull 06611-2111
Beth Bye, 99 Outlook Ave., West Hartford 06119-1432
Andres Ayala, PO Box 55106, Bridgeport 06610-5106
Terry B. Gerratana, 674 Lincoln St., New Britain 06052-1833
Michael A. McLachlan, 47 W Wooster St., Danbury 06810-7731
Bob Duff, 50 Toilsome Ave., Norwalk 06851-2425
Toni Boucher, 5 Wicks End Ln, Wilton 06897-2633
Paul Doyle, 38 Thornbush Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3554
Carlo Leone, 88 Houston Ter., Stamford 06902-4449
Toni N. Harp (no longer in the Legislature, she is now the Mayor of New Haven, CT).
John McKinney, 986 S Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 06824-6348
Martin M. Looney, 132 Fort Hale Rd., New Haven 06512-3630
Donald E. Williams, Jr., 41 Malbone Ln., Brooklyn 06234-1563
Edward Meyer, 407 Mulberry Point Rd., Guilford 06437-3204
Dante Bartolomeo, 167 Reynolds Dr., Meriden 06450-2568
Gayle Slossburg, 14 Honeysuckle Ln., Milford 06461-1671
Joan V. Hartley, 206 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury 06710-1401
Leonard Fasano, 7 Sycamore Ln., North Haven 06473-1283
Joseph J. Crisco, Jr., 1205 Racebrook Rd., Woodbridge 06525-1822
L. Scott Frantz, 123 Meadow Rd., Riverside 06878-2521
CT House members voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

Catherine Abercrombie, 64 Parker Ave., Meriden 06450-5945
Ernest Hewett, 29 Colman St., New London 06320-3558
Peter Tercyak, 150 Belridge Rd., New Britain 06053-1008
Brenda Kupchick, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
William Tong, 99 Chestnut Hill Rd., Stamford 06903-4030
Gary Holder-Winfield, 480 Winchester Ave., New Haven 06511-1920
James Albis, 369 Coe Ave., Apt 14, East Haven
David Alexander, 277 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-4368
Bryan Hurlburt (Stepped down to take a position with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.)
Diana Urban, 146 Babcock Rd., North Stonington 06359-1334
Gail Lavielle, 109 Hickory Hill Rd., Wilton 06897-1135
Claire Janowski, 263 Hany Ln., Vernon 06066-2740
Edwin Vargas, 141 Douglas St., Hartford 06114-2422
Angel Arce, 248 Franklin Ave., Hartford 06114-1841
Susan Johnson, 120 Bolivia St., Willimantic 06226-2818
Joe Verrengia, 160 Colonial St., West Hartford 06110-1814
David Arconti, Jr., 141 Great Plain Rd., Danbury 06811-3844
Tom Vicino, 92 Carter Hill Rd., Clinton 06413-1230
Joe Aresimowicz, 248 Lower Ln., Berlin 06037-2231
David Kiner, 5 Cranberry Hollow, Enfield 06082-2200
Toni Walker, 1643 Ella T Grasso Blvd., New Haven 06511-2801
Patricia Widlitz, 12 Island Bay Cir., Guilford 06437-3058
Timothy Larson, 33 Gorman Pl., East Hartford 06108-1450
Christina Ayala, 506 Brooks St., Bridgeport 06608-1303
Terry Backer, 125 Jefferson St., Stratford 06615-7810
Roland Lemar, 6 Eld St., New Haven 06511-3816
Roberta Willis, PO Box 1733, 30 Upland Meadow Rd., Lakeville 06039-1733
Tom O’Dea, 37 Holly Rd., New Canaan 06840-6406
David Baram, 5 Warbler Cir., Bloomfield 06002-2233
Matthew Lesser, 1160 S Main S.,t Apt 110, Middletown 06457-5034
Christopher Wright, 35 Ruth St., Apt 49, Bristol 06010-3218
Arthur O’Neill, 617 Bucks Hill Rd., Southbury 06488-1952
Brian Becker, 14 Candlewood Dr., West Hartford 06117-1009
Rick Lopes, 208 S Mountain Dr., New Britain 06052-1514
Elissa Wright, 51 Pearl St., Groton 06340-5732
Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus, Legislative Office Bldg., Rm 4017, Hartford 06106
Geoff Luxenburg, 45 Chatham Dr., Manchester 06042-8522
James Maroney, 22 Saranac Rd Milford 06461-9401
Larry Butler, 70 Blackman Rd., Waterbury 06704-1203
Juan Candelaria, 28 Arch St., New Haven 06519-1511
Brandon McGee, 43 Warren St., Hartford 06120-2117
Robert Megna, 40 Foxon Hill Rd., Unit 54, New Haven 06513-1166
Charles “Don” Clemons, 130 Read St., Bridgeport 06607-2021
Michelle Cook, 499 Charles St., Torrington 06790-3420
Patricia Miller, 95 Liberty St., Apt A4, Stamford 06902-4732
John Shaban, 29 Ledgewood Rd., Redding 06896-2916
Bill Aman, 878 Strong Rd., South Windsor 06074-2006
Philip Miller, 24 Bushy Hill Rd., Ivoryton 06442-1108
Victor Cuevas, 17 Keefe St., Waterbur,y 06706-1616
Mike D’Agostino, 575 Ridge Rd., Hamden 06517-2519
Russ Morin, 495 Brimfield Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3209
Richard Smith, 25 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield 06812-2109
Prasad Srinivasan, 268 Grandview Dr., Glastonbury 06033-3946
Bruce Morris, 315 Ely Ave., Norwalk 06854-4619
Stephen Dargan, 215 Beach St., West Haven 06516-6133
Paul Davis, 335 Smith Farm Rd., Orange 06477-3127
Ted Moukawsher, 48 W Elderkin Ave., Groton 06340-4933
Mitch Bolinsky, 3 Wiley Ln., Newtown 06470-1812
Stephen Walko, 7 Charter Oak Ln., Greenwich 06830-6911
Mike Demicco, 6 Deborah Ln., Farmington 06032-3031
Mary Mushinsky, 188 S Cherry St., Wallingford 06492-4016
Patricia Dillon, 68 W Rock Ave., New Haven 06515-2221
Sandy Nafis, 49 Whitewood Rd., Newington 06111-2133
Larry Cafero, Jr., 6 Weed Ave., Norwalk 06850-2224
Terrie Wood, 50 Saint Nicholas Rd., Darien 06820-2823
Joe Diminico, 26 Finley St., Manchester 06040-5616
David Yaccarino, 1804 Hartford Tpke., North Haven 06473-1248
Elaine O’Brien, 1321 Hill St., Suffield 06078-1024
Kim Fawcett, 234 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield 06825-1877
Chris Perone, 8 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk 06851-2919
Christie Carpino, 29 Sovereign Rd., Cromwell 06416-1136
Lonnie Reed, 60 Maple St., Apt. 44, Branford 06405-3562
Andy Fleischmann, 25 Sherwood Rd., West Hartford 06117-2739
Mae Flexer, 452 Main St., Danielson 06239-2104
Emmett Riley, 150 Yantic St., Unit 160, Norwich 06360-4248
Daniel Fox, 14 Carter Dr., Stamford 06902-7013
Matt Ritter, 169 N Beacon St., Hartford 06105-2246
J. Brendan Sharkey, 600 Mount Carmel Ave., Hamden 06518-1606
Jason Rojas, 128 Langford Ln., East Hartford 06118-2369
Gerald Fox, III, 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford 06902-8129
Mary Fritz, 43 Grove St., Yalesville 06492-1606
Livvy Floren, 210 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich 06831-3357
Henry Genga, 5 Elaine Dr., East Hartford 06118-3515
John Frey, 2 Copps Hill Rd., Ridgefield 06877-4013
Linda Gentile, 158 Hodge Ave., Ansonia 06401-3236
Robert Sanchez, 269 Washington St., New Britain 06051-1024
Minnie Gonzalez, 97 Amity St., Hartford 06106-1001
Ezequiel Santiago, 991 State St., Bridgeport 06605-1504
Jeffrey Berger, 134 Gaylord Dr., Waterbury 06708-2181
Auden Grogins, 155 Brewster St., Apt 5L, Bridgeport 06605-3111
Hilda Santiago, 86 South Ave., Fl 3, Meriden 06451-7624
DebraLee Hovey, 296 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe 06468-1329
Bob Godfrey, 13 Stillman Ave., Danbury 06810-8007
Antonio Guerrera, 194 Catherine Dr., Rocky Hill 06067-1096
Brian Sear, 11 N Canterbury Rd., Canterbury 06331-1209
Elizabeth Ritter, 24 Old Mill Rd., Quaker Hill 06375-1319
Tony Hwang, PO Box 762, Fairfield 06824-0762
Joseph Serra, PO Box 233, Middletown 06457-0233
Gregg Haddad, 28 Storrs Heights Rd., Storrs Mansfield 06268-2322
John Hampton, 33 West Mountain, Simsbury 06092
Charlie Stallworth, 35 Wickliffe Cir., Bridgeport 06606-1929
Themis Klarides, 23 East Ct., Derby 06418-2640
Noreen Kokoruda, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
Jonathan Steinberg, 1 Bushy Ridge Rd., Westport 06880-2104
Jack Hennessy, 556 Savoy St., Bridgeport 06606-4125

If you call, please be polite. We are not lefty-liberals, after all!

Remember all that hype about CERN and black holes?

Well, they went and did it - and did a marvelous coverup of the results. We are all living inside one now.

Video at the link.

Possibly this explains global warming climate change?

H/t Dead Man Dance

This is registration

Connecticut recently banned a myriad of rifles and "ammunition feeding devices". Current owners are graciously allowed to keep their property - IF they register with the state.

Well, about 10% of the gun owners targeted by this illegal act actually responded by registering.

And some of them possibly are getting their award for their stupidity:

Connecticut Tells Gun Owners, Destroy or Hand Over Rifles & Standard Capacity Magazines

Manasquan, NJ --( Two hundred and fourteen Connecticut residents who tried to comply with the new state laws but were late sending in their state designated “Assault Weapon” and “High Capacity Magazine” registration paperwork are now or will be, getting letters from CT State Police (CSP).  If it is the one above their options will be few… they need to destroy, turn in, sell or remove their personal property from Connecticut or face the law.
Those who fail to do so could face serious criminal penalties. Once people realize they can’t keep the guns and magazines, they’re going to get rid of them, Michael P. Lawlor, the undersecretary for criminal justice policy and planning to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, says.
Image of the purported letter at the link.

This is what happens if you blithely assume that your civil servants are acting in your best interests and simply do as they tell you. You get screwed.

Kudos to the 300,000-odd Connecticut gun owners who ignored this blatant infringement.

I have to wonder about the reality of that letter they show - it would be so easy to say you "removed" the offending gun or magazine from the state.

Like many Canadian gun owners supposedly "lost" their guns out of boats...

First Ill-Annoys CCW licenses sent!

Over 5000 subjects in the People's Republik of Ill-Annoys have graciously been allowed by their masters to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

It only cost them $150 each, good for five years, and has a list of caveats and prohibited places longer than your arm.

Still, progress. I eagerly await the first Wisconsin resident who takes advantage of the Ill-Annoys rule that anyone allowed to carry a gun in public in their home state is allowed to have a concealed weapon in their vehicle in Ill-Annoys. The court proceedings and media circus ought to be very entertaining.


Fact Check: Could a Little-Known International Agreement With Ukraine Force U.S., Britain Into War With Russia?

The United States and Britain “reaffirmed” its commitment to protect Ukraine’s borders in exchange for the nation giving up its nuclear weapons in a little-known treaty known as the “Budapest Memorandum signed by former President Bill Clinton in 1994.

The Daily Mail notes reports “if Russia has invaded Ukraine then it would be difficult for the US and Britain to avoid going to war.”

Sir Tony Brenton, who served as a British ambassador from 2004 to 2008, said war is certainly on the table if it’s determined that the Budapest Memorandum is “legally binding.”

According to the Daily Mail, Kiev has asked that the agreement be honored as it claims its borders have been violated.
The operative words here are "legally binding".

Jugears has no concept of that term.