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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prelude to World War IV?

Seeing as historians have started to declare the Cold War as "WW III", I guess what I see coming has to be WW IV.

My wife, oldest daughter and I went to a meeting of the Rock River Patriots last night. They hosted a special speaker - Olga Halaburda, a first generation American of Ukrainian immigrants.

Olga has worked as a reporter for WFRV-TV in Green Bay, and is passionate on what is currently happening in the Ukraine. She works through Ukrainian Power Videos to educate children about Ukrainian history.

Despite what you might see or read in the MSM, most of it, anyway, what is happening in the Ukraine is the beginning of something big. Something on the order of what happened in Europe circa 1933.

Vladimir Putin is the star of this play, reprising the role of a short egoist sometimes known as Schickelgruber. He had a puppet by the name of Viktor Yanukovych, who was recently ousted as President of Ukraine.

The Ukraine has a long history of occupation and abuse by the Soviet Union, and Putin seems determined to reclaim the "glory" of the USSR for his Russian Federation.

The first step is to reclaim Ukraine. There were indications before Yanukovych was ousted that the country was being set up for a Russian-led version of Kristallnacht. Remember all those news stories about the rioting in Kiev, and the Molotov-tossing radicals being shot by snipers?

The "radicals" were protesting the systematic destruction of their freedoms under Yanukovych. He had ordered the police to beat protestors, many of whom were kidnapped and in some cases, "disappeared" by their captors. Over 100 protestors were killed by the government's snipers, while three police were killed.

Yanukovych had cut rail traffic to Kiev from the west, and was turning the city into a fortress at the time. This was while the world was watching Putin's Sochi Olympics and the MSM was reporting the unrest in Kiev as "anti-government" agitation.

The people of the Ukraine succeeded in their quest, and Yanukovych was ousted, running for sanctuary in Russia. He is a wanted fugitive now.

The Sochi Olympics over, and Putin's puppet disposed, alternate means of conquest were needed. Putin sent troops, divested of insignia, into the Crimea to "save the ethnic Russians there from Ukrainian aggression". He blockaded the harbor where the Ukraine's navy is docked.

If Putin succeeds in having the world believe his rigged "referendum" on the Crimea joining Russia, do you really think he will stop his empire building with a measly peninsula that will be a money sink on Russia? With the breadbasket of Europe sitting right next to it?

I'm pretty sure he will keep on marching, just like Schickelgruber did,

And our Jugears can play the role of Neville Chamberlain. He's already got the servile apology act down pat.

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