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Sunday, March 2, 2014


I have an account - but I don't use it, or even look at my page. I ignore all friend requests and have never "liked" anything.

Now I see that Facebook has invented 50 gradations of "gender" so as to be politically correct and all-inclusive:

Boys and Girls Together — But Not On Facebook

-a list of Facebook's new "genders"-
The goal of the postmodern Democrat party is to centralize and harness the power of the state, which is then used as a blunt instrument of intimidation to suppress liberty and bring about an imagined Socialist utopia.
Because Socialism always brings poverty, unemployment, misery and chaos wherever it rears its collective head, Democrats have re-branded Socialism with the feel-good label of Social Justice.
There is only justice.
If you hear someone passionately advocating for Social Justice you are looking at a liberal fascist.
In order to enlist social justice drones into their army, the Democrats use the classic Marxist-Leninist tactic of class warfare. The practical effect of class warfare is to Balkanize the American people into small, manageable segments that view the world through a primitive tribal lens. In fact, the Democrats are replicating the sectarian divisions that make the Muslim world an endless killing ground. For Democrats, it is always us against them in a Hobbesian war of shrinking resources. The Democrats posit a zero-sum theory of society. If your neighbor has a bigger house, a nicer car, a higher standard of living than you, it’s because he stole what is rightfully yours.
Right on! Go read the whole thing.

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