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Monday, November 30, 2009

Watch this...

I like this guy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another email

Sent to all three CONgresscritters:
I urge you to get behind an in-depth investigation into the fraud evident in "climate change" research, and into the special interests such as Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens who stand to profit from legislation attempting to "fix" the non-existent problem.

Environmental activists need to be heard, but their comments taken with a large grain of salt.

Legislation, if absolutely necessary, should be based on proven, peer-reviewed science, not on panic and doomsaying.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Globull worming" put to rest!

After following a few links, I found a download source for the "hacked" emails from the Hadley Climate Research Unit. So, here's a link to my copy:

Have fun!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reply from Comcast

I've gotten this reply before:
Comcast Blocklist Removal Response

Thank you for contacting Comcast Customer Security Assurance. We have received and reviewed your RBL removal request.

Below each IP address you submitted in your request, we have included the result of our research. Please do not reply to this message.


We have received your request for removal from our inbound blocklist. After investigating the issue, we have found that the IP you provided for removal is currently not on our blocklist.

We need the IP address currently blocked to further investigate this issue. The IP address is a number separated by decimals and is located in an error code starting with "550" in the returned email from Comcast. You can learn more about how to identify a blocked IP by visiting our Frequently Asked Question page at :

Please verify the IP(s) and resubmit your request to

Comcast Customer Security Assurance


Well, if my IP is not in their blasted database, why in hell am I getting those "550" messages referring to that same IP?



Getting sick of Comcast

I don't have Comcast - but I've got a bunch of contacts I can't talk to who DO have them.

Comcast considers me to be a spammer, simply because I host my own email. It's a secure server on a fixed IP. I've sent them numerous requests to their customer service web site, with never a reply. Their "un-blacklist" URL is

Here's the latest one I sent them:
You guys are preventing me from communicating with friends and customers because I run my own email server on my own machine. This has been going on for literal years, and I've requested you fix this situation numerous times.

I've implemented security on both incoming and outgoing email now - it makes no difference.

Occasionally, an email I send gets through your system, then subsequent emails get bounces. Please get your act together!
For what it's worth...

More senator emails

For what it's worth:
Enough is enough.

Vote NO on ANY new spending bill, be it health care "reform", "climate change", or putting up a monument to Mr. Obama. Or ANYTHING. Particularly, no more bailouts of entities "too big to fail". Mr. Obama, after advocating the bankrupting of our country, has said he wants no more spending. Listen to him - this time.

No more spending until you guys have eliminated ALL the extra-Constitutional spending already being done by the hundreds of un-accountable bureaucracies already in place.


Get it?



Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sent to Kohl and Feingold...

More wastage of my time?
It's in your court now.

Our House of "Representatives" voted to pass this remarkably complex, certainly un-Constitutional, bill without giving the taxpayers of America a chance to see what is in it - indeed, they passed it without themselves knowing what it contained. There was never enough time for them to read the bill, let alone understand it. They voted on a "pig in a poke", which they want to make the people of the US accept on their uninformed word.

Therefore, it is your duty as one of the last people between this abomination and certain signature by our President and its' being inflicted on us.

Vote NO if this comes up for a vote. If you don't, you have proven to the people of Wisconsin that you have no concern at all for their welfare, freedoms, or futures - only for control over them.

Vote NO on ObamaCare - I mean - PelosiCare. I insist.

Tammy Gay oversteps the line, yet again.

Another futile rant aimed at my favorite gay representative:

OK, Tammy.

I had my suspicions that you did not give a freaking damn about the people you supposedly represent. Now you have proven that premise beyond any possible doubt.

First, you refused to attend true open talk sessions where the taxpayers you defecate on regularly could have told you to your face that they DID NOT want the stuff you insist on stuffing down our throats. You did this because you knew damn well what the result would be, and you were scared that you might have to confront their justified anger. Coward.

Next, you support the most radical, most insane "speaker of the house" that this country has ever seen, in voting to pass a "health care" reform bill that could not possibly have been read and understood by any single member of the House, let alone you or even your staffers. This is an act of treason against your constituents, even if it was not technically an act of treason against the United States. Morally, you are as guilty as any of the Muslim nut cases who blow themselves up to attempt to "change" the world. Simply an act of calculated malice, or pure stupidity. Somehow, I don't see you as a stupid person.

The "health care" bill will force American taxpayers to foot the bill for:

1. Care for illegal immigrants. Yes, I said "illegal". I know how desperately the Democratic Party needs to import loyal voters and will do anything to ensure that American taxpayers will never be able to defeat their plans for a World Soviet. Well, we will see how well that worked next year, won't we?

2. The American taxpayer will end up paying for the "medically necessary" abortions for thousands of women who were brought up to believe "it's a choice, not a child". Pure evil. And I am not even a "right to life" supporter. I just object to the blatant forcing of rules that a clear majority of taxpaying Americans detest.

3. The American taxpayer will be forced to purchase "health insurance" at prices that will ensure inability of millions of young families to ever save any money for anything. Of course, those who cannot pay - i.e., those who will not work, will get their insurance paid for by those who DO work. If you haven't noticed, the Thirteenth Amendment to our Constitution, an amendment the Democrats of the day fought tooth and nail, prohibits slavery. Of course, with the enactment of the Sixteenth Amendment, you managed to give yourselves an "out" - it's just a "tax", not slavery. Politicians are very good at twisting language, even if useless for any reasonable purpose on this planet.

4. Due to bureaucracy, health care costs will rise. It's a law of nature. There is only so much true value in our economy, and the actions of Congress in the last few years have ensured that our economy will drop to levels that people in the Great Depression would have seen as horrible by comparison. This WILL result in rationing of health care, and "death panels" no matter what cute name or acronym the clerks come up with. Medical research will suffer, and millions of Americans, and even illegals "enjoying" our largess will suffer poor care and needless death and illness as a result. By this vote, you condemn our country to a future many in "third world" countries would consider poverty.

I am sure that I could find much more to rail against, but since I am sure that you personally will never read these words, I will be satisfied in telling you - or more likely, the staffer who might actually read this, that I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that you become a member of the largest growing class of Americans - the unemployed.

I won't wish you actual ill, as that's not my way - but I am sure that thousands of Wisconsin taxpayers will do so very soon. Enjoy that thought.


OK, I actually tried to send that to Tammy Gay - but her website requires that you type in a security code. Every variation on the five-number "code" was rejected by the program. What a clever way to prevent even useless attempts at communication! She can now honestly claim that she never heard a bad word against her policies, since the website never forwarded the message.

I've got to wonder if that was a conscious decision on her part or by one of her minions, or just poor code design.

Anyway, it's war, now. I'm bringing the biggest guns I can out to fight for her removal from office. So, actually, business as usual here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet another attempt to control my employee...

Another possibly Quixotic attempt to control the out-of-control:
Ms. Baldwin:

Unless you have PERSONALLY read every word of this bill, and understood the impact on your constituents, and are PERSONALLY assured that this bill is both in the best interests of the taxpaying voters from your district. and also in accordance with their publicly stated wishes, I expect you to do the honorable and correct thing - vote NO on any attempt to federalize heath care.

If you vote for this bill without reading it, or worse, on the recommendation of a staffer or, God forbid, Nancy Pelosi's word, you madam, are a traitor to the people who you represent.

I personally insist that you vote NO.

Vote your conscience, but be aware that we, your employers, are watching.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary stuff

Paranoia? Maybe - but Osama HAS declared a national emergency:

Be on your toes...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Question to my local paper

I just emailed this to the Beloit Daily News. A recent headline said the City of Beloit was needing to deal with the BIA before being allowed to build a casino.
Someone please explain to me why the City of Beloit needs to beg permission from the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, or anyone in Washington DC before entering in to a contract with anyone to build a casino in Beloit? If there's any permission to be asked, I would expect it to be at the state level at the most, unless the property is not in the city limits, in which case the town or county might get involved.

Another thing - why is there even such a critter as a "Bureau of Indian Affairs" in this day and age? Are Native Americans so naive and stupid that they need the Great White Father to make sure they don't get a bad deal?

Just wondering...

What ever happened to state's rights - and when did Native Americans need to get federal permission to enter inot business contracts?