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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bit of non-serious

Just for fun:

Stolen from:

The end of fredom?

This is scary:

We've got to stop this back-door "legislation". Executive orders have been hugely misused over the years. No more.

My message to the CONgresscritters:

Time to get serious. Forget health care and "climate change" - just sideshows.

The main event is being held behind your backs - Mr. Obama has "modified" a Reagan-era executive order to allow Interpol extraordinary privileges in the USA. They do not need to follow any of our laws, even if they are interested in an American citizen.

here's a link to the White House announcement:

If you have a smidgen of respect left for your constituents, you and all of Congress will immediately insist on the retraction of this order, barring that, draft legislation restricting Interpol to following the laws of the United States while on our soil.

Quit screwing around with destroying our health care system and our economy and stand up for our freedoms.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Email to CONgresscritters

Futile effort:

To the usual suspects -

Do you just not understand, or are you actively refusing to listen to your constituents (bosses)?

We have told you repeatedly to vote NO on this monstrous misuse of federal power. The Constitution (little you care) has no mention of universal health care that will devolve almost immediately into the most convoluted bureaucratic nightmare this country has ever seen.

Vote YEA on the final bill and see what happens. You won't much like the results.

You have been warned.

Chuck Kuecker

Sunday, December 20, 2009

ESPN petition

Received this petition invitation from "Our Country Deserves Better". ESPN evidently has drunk the "climate change" Kool-Aid and is helping cram this crap down our throats.

Petition at:

Of course they want you to donate.

My comment:

"Climate change" has been a natural part of life on Earth since the dawn of time. The current fear-mongering is simply a means of forcing more governmental regulation - "people control" - down our throats, and furthering the move toward a "one world government". Read their documentation - they are quite open about their goals.

Thank goodness that they are so insular - they can't decide on a course of action since it would end up hurting them individually, and they cannot abide that!

The radical environmentalists would like nothing better than to manage to reduce the Earth's population by at least 90% - some of them are straightforward about human extinction!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Sent to the Beloit Daily News, in response to this article:

Benedict s bill: Look before you eat

I was under the impression that Wisconsin needed to work on becoming business-friendly, and helping to preserve jobs.

So why is Rep. Chuck Benedict proposing another nanny-state regulation that will encourage businesses to think twice about opening new outlets here, and will cause prices to rise at existing fast food stores by proposing a new law that will force them to completely redo all their menus and outdoor signs to include "nutritional information"?

Last time I was in a McDonald's, there was a poster on the wall with that information. Anyone interested could ask and be shown calorie counts and other information. Mr. Benedict's new law would force them to shove this information into our faces, and make us pay more for the food to cover their expenses.

Obesity may be a problem for some, but it's their problem, not the government's. People have to take responsibility for what they eat, drink, and smoke and the effect it may have on their health. The government should not be taking that responsibility from the people with nanny-state rules such as this.

Aren't there a whole lot of real problems in and around Beloit that Mr. Benedict could be looking into instead of this? How about lobbying for that casino that would provide revenue and jobs for the area? Possibly proposing elimination of some of the recent "green" laws that hamper businesses who might otherwise build here? Reducing the taxes stolen from business?

Sent to the usual clowns

Sent to Feingold, Kohl, and Tammy Gay...
Since our President has elected to make an ass of himself in Copenhagen, and promise our country will "do something" about this imaginary bogeyman of "climate change", it now falls to you in Congress to rein him in and remind him that the people of the USA are in charge - not him.

While you are at it, why is there no big investigation into the fraud committed by employees of NASA and various academics who received federal money for "climate change" studies?

Vote NO on any "climate" treaty, or any attempt to tax or otherwise control the necessary global nutrient, carbon dioxide. How about putting the EPA back under the control of Congress, so they don't do things like declaring our personal exhalations to be pollution? If it wasn't so serious, it would make for good comedy.

Oh yeah. Vote NO on any attempt to federalize health care. We all know how well the government handles most problems, and this one will be a particularly painful disaster if passed.

An investigation into the Federal Reserve and its' lending practices would be nice.

Remember who pays your paycheck - and all those benefits you are poised to get - like lifelong pension and health care not controlled by pencil-necks in some federal office.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New from Feingold

An exchange with the great man:

Message from Senator Russ Feingold - DO NOT REPLY wrote:

Dear Mr. Kuecker,

Thank you for contacting me to express your skepticism about the existence of manmade global warming. I appreciate hearing from you.

As you may know, on November 19, 2009, emails and documents that had been stolen from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in England were posted on the Internet. On December 2, 2009, the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing on "The State of Climate Science." For more information on this hearing, please visit In addition, both the United Nations and East Anglia University have said they will conduct investigations into the emails.

The United States is a top emitter of greenhouse gases, and it is time for the federal government to provide leadership on this issue. As you may know, H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, was introduced in the House of Representatives on May 15, 2009, by Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA). This bill would enact a number of energy policy reforms, including the creation of a carbon cap-and-trade system. H.R. 2454 passed the House by a vote of 219-212 on June 26, 2009. On September 30, 2009, Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced S. 1733, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, which, among other things, would create a carbon cap-and-trade system. On November 5, 2009, the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee passed S. 1733.

During the 110th Congress, I was an original cosponsor of S. 309, the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act. Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) introduced S. 309, which would provide the leadership and the comprehensive, scientific-based approach to addressing global warming that Americans demand and deserve.

The bill also recognizes the importance of taking an economy-wide approach to addressing global warming, and not one that targets a single sector. Industry, power, transportation, and building sectors all have a role to play in reducing global warming-causing emissions. By sending the right market signals and supporting the development of existing technologies and development of new technologies to reduce emissions, we can keep U.S. businesses competitive in the emerging carbon-conscious global marketplace.

Thanks again for contacting me. While we may not always agree, I appreciate hearing from you. Please feel free to contact my office in the future about any issue of concern to you.

Hey, Russ,

You seem to miss the big point here - the whole scare ofer "anthropomorphic global warming" has been nothing but a scam, and a ploy to create a "one world government".

We don't need ANY legislation to address the nonexistent problem - especially now, when our economy is creaking under the weight of ill-conceived economic "fixes" by both the previous administration, and at an alarmingly accelerated rate by Mr. Obama.

We need to address things like climate change corruption and collusion to pass laws that will enrich certain people at the expense of all Americans.

We need to address the border security situation - both south and north.

We need to start enforcing our immigration laws -as written. That by itself would be a great "immigration reform" all in itself.

We need to address the rampant corruption and malfeasance in our banking and lending institutions, foremost the head of the serpent, the Federal Reserve. There needs to be a true independent audit done, and real soon!

We need to make REAL changes to health care - like eliminating the ban on intrastate insurance sales, and eliminating laws that force hospitals and doctors to treat people illegally in the country. Give illegals stabilizing treatment and ship 'em back to wherever in the next wherever-bound Greyhound or semi-trailer.

We need to acknowledge that radical Islam is not a "religion" - rather, it is a front for terrorism. We need to demand that mainstream Muslims stop supporting the radicals.

We need to start drilling and mining for oil and coal HERE, so we can wean ourselves off foreign oil.

We need to rein in rouge federal agencies like the BATFE, and the EPA, who seem to believe they have carte-blanche to make new laws without Congressional oversight.

There's a ton of really important things that Congress should be doing, instead of the three-ring circus you guys delight in.

Get to work, Russ. Remember who your boss is.


Friday, December 4, 2009

MoveON lies...

I signed up as a "member" of back in 2008, so I could keep an eye on what they were doing and have a head start on countering it.

Yesterday, i got an email urging me to "sign their petition" to preserve the "public option" in the Senate Western civilization destruction (health care reform) bill. I did NOT click on the tab to sign the petition, instead I forwarded to friends and email lists.

Today, I got an email from them thanking me for my signature on that petition.

I don't know why I should be surprised that they would lie, but this proves it!

Original email reply I posted to various people:

Speaking of health care...just got this.

Looks like they are getting scared. Let's help 'em OUT (of office!)


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Big trouble
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 13:20:23 -0800
From: Kat Barr, Political Action
To: Chuck Kuecker

Click here to tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:
"Senator Reid, don't let a few senators derail what the majority of Americans want and need. We're counting on you to use every tool at your disposal to make sure the Senate bill includes a public option."

Sign the petition
Dear MoveOn member,

Alarming news: the public option could be dead within days, and we need Harry Reid to act fast to save it.1

A few conservative Democrats, including Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, are threatening to block health care reform—all of it—if the rest of the Democratic Caucus doesn't agree to drop or weaken the public option.2

A tiny minority of conservatives could cut out the heart of reform, supported by 86% of Democrats. The latest news is that to appease them a weak compromise is being unveiled within days.3

But it doesn't have to be this way. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can still stop this, if he continues to fight. Reid has shown that he's willing to be a leader in fighting for the public option, and now we need him more than ever.

So we're sending an emergency petition to Senator Reid asking him to do everything in his power to persuade these senators to support real health care reform. Can you sign the petition to Harry Reid? Clicking here will add your name:********-0YgV6Mx&t=3

The petition says: "Senator Reid, don't let a few senators derail what the majority of Americans want and need. We're counting on you to use every tool at your disposal to make sure the Senate bill includes a public option."

As Senate Majority Leader, Reid can apply pressure in a number of ways: call a vote to force conservative Democrats to stand up publicly with Republicans and Big Insurance to filibuster health care, strip them of their committee chairmanships or committee seats, or opt to pass health care through what's called the "reconciliation" process, which would let him pass the bill with a simple majority vote.

Sen. Reid has shown us in the past that he's willing to fight for the public option. And in this final showdown, we all need to stand stronger than ever. Sen. Reid needs to hear that, at this crucial time, we've got his back.

Can you sign the petition to Harry Reid today? Clicking here will add your name:********-0YgV6Mx&t=4

Thank you for all you do.

–Kat, Nita, Michael, Wes, and the rest of the team


1. "Reid set to unveil new public option, breaking Senate impasse on healthcare," The Hill, December 1, 2009********-0YgV6Mx&t=5

2. "Lieberman: Sure, I'd Filibuster A Health Care Reform Bill With A Public Option," Talking Points Memo, October 27, 2009********-0YgV6Mx&t=6

"Lieberman: More Dems could join public option filibuster," The Hill, November 19, 2009********-0YgV6Mx&t=7

"Ben Nelson threatens filibuster," Politico, November 19, 2009********-0YgV6Mx&t=8

3. "Most in U.S. want public health option: poll," Reuters, December 3, 2009

"Reid set to unveil new public option, breaking Senate impasse on healthcare," The Hill, December 1, 2009********-0YgV6Mx&t=9

Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. This email was sent to Chuck Kuecker on December 3, 2009. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

What I got this morning:

Dear friend,

Thank you. Your name has been added to the petition and your comments will be delivered to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Another great way to make sure Majority Leader Reid hears from us is to spread the word to your friends and family so they know what's going on. You can just forward the sample letter below.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The Political Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: The public option is in danger


Alarming news: the public option could be dead within days, and we need Harry Reid to act fast to save it.

A few conservative Democrats, including Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, are threatening to block health care reform -- all of it -- if the rest of the Democratic Caucus doesn't agree to drop or weaken the public option.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Senate Majority Leader Reid can still stop this, if he continues to fight. Reid has shown that he's willing to be a leader in fighting for the public option, and now we need him more than ever.

I signed a petition urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to up the pressure on conservative Democrats who are threatening to tank health care reform over the public option. Can you join me at the link below?


If you've received this email in error, please correct your campaign subscription information at:********-Z80oeNx


Looking at the HTML, it appears every one of those links above with '********' in it was an identifier for my MoveOn account.

Playing the double agent has its risks, evidently!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Watch this...

I like this guy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another email

Sent to all three CONgresscritters:
I urge you to get behind an in-depth investigation into the fraud evident in "climate change" research, and into the special interests such as Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens who stand to profit from legislation attempting to "fix" the non-existent problem.

Environmental activists need to be heard, but their comments taken with a large grain of salt.

Legislation, if absolutely necessary, should be based on proven, peer-reviewed science, not on panic and doomsaying.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Globull worming" put to rest!

After following a few links, I found a download source for the "hacked" emails from the Hadley Climate Research Unit. So, here's a link to my copy:

Have fun!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reply from Comcast

I've gotten this reply before:
Comcast Blocklist Removal Response

Thank you for contacting Comcast Customer Security Assurance. We have received and reviewed your RBL removal request.

Below each IP address you submitted in your request, we have included the result of our research. Please do not reply to this message.


We have received your request for removal from our inbound blocklist. After investigating the issue, we have found that the IP you provided for removal is currently not on our blocklist.

We need the IP address currently blocked to further investigate this issue. The IP address is a number separated by decimals and is located in an error code starting with "550" in the returned email from Comcast. You can learn more about how to identify a blocked IP by visiting our Frequently Asked Question page at :

Please verify the IP(s) and resubmit your request to

Comcast Customer Security Assurance


Well, if my IP is not in their blasted database, why in hell am I getting those "550" messages referring to that same IP?



Getting sick of Comcast

I don't have Comcast - but I've got a bunch of contacts I can't talk to who DO have them.

Comcast considers me to be a spammer, simply because I host my own email. It's a secure server on a fixed IP. I've sent them numerous requests to their customer service web site, with never a reply. Their "un-blacklist" URL is

Here's the latest one I sent them:
You guys are preventing me from communicating with friends and customers because I run my own email server on my own machine. This has been going on for literal years, and I've requested you fix this situation numerous times.

I've implemented security on both incoming and outgoing email now - it makes no difference.

Occasionally, an email I send gets through your system, then subsequent emails get bounces. Please get your act together!
For what it's worth...

More senator emails

For what it's worth:
Enough is enough.

Vote NO on ANY new spending bill, be it health care "reform", "climate change", or putting up a monument to Mr. Obama. Or ANYTHING. Particularly, no more bailouts of entities "too big to fail". Mr. Obama, after advocating the bankrupting of our country, has said he wants no more spending. Listen to him - this time.

No more spending until you guys have eliminated ALL the extra-Constitutional spending already being done by the hundreds of un-accountable bureaucracies already in place.


Get it?



Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sent to Kohl and Feingold...

More wastage of my time?
It's in your court now.

Our House of "Representatives" voted to pass this remarkably complex, certainly un-Constitutional, bill without giving the taxpayers of America a chance to see what is in it - indeed, they passed it without themselves knowing what it contained. There was never enough time for them to read the bill, let alone understand it. They voted on a "pig in a poke", which they want to make the people of the US accept on their uninformed word.

Therefore, it is your duty as one of the last people between this abomination and certain signature by our President and its' being inflicted on us.

Vote NO if this comes up for a vote. If you don't, you have proven to the people of Wisconsin that you have no concern at all for their welfare, freedoms, or futures - only for control over them.

Vote NO on ObamaCare - I mean - PelosiCare. I insist.

Tammy Gay oversteps the line, yet again.

Another futile rant aimed at my favorite gay representative:

OK, Tammy.

I had my suspicions that you did not give a freaking damn about the people you supposedly represent. Now you have proven that premise beyond any possible doubt.

First, you refused to attend true open talk sessions where the taxpayers you defecate on regularly could have told you to your face that they DID NOT want the stuff you insist on stuffing down our throats. You did this because you knew damn well what the result would be, and you were scared that you might have to confront their justified anger. Coward.

Next, you support the most radical, most insane "speaker of the house" that this country has ever seen, in voting to pass a "health care" reform bill that could not possibly have been read and understood by any single member of the House, let alone you or even your staffers. This is an act of treason against your constituents, even if it was not technically an act of treason against the United States. Morally, you are as guilty as any of the Muslim nut cases who blow themselves up to attempt to "change" the world. Simply an act of calculated malice, or pure stupidity. Somehow, I don't see you as a stupid person.

The "health care" bill will force American taxpayers to foot the bill for:

1. Care for illegal immigrants. Yes, I said "illegal". I know how desperately the Democratic Party needs to import loyal voters and will do anything to ensure that American taxpayers will never be able to defeat their plans for a World Soviet. Well, we will see how well that worked next year, won't we?

2. The American taxpayer will end up paying for the "medically necessary" abortions for thousands of women who were brought up to believe "it's a choice, not a child". Pure evil. And I am not even a "right to life" supporter. I just object to the blatant forcing of rules that a clear majority of taxpaying Americans detest.

3. The American taxpayer will be forced to purchase "health insurance" at prices that will ensure inability of millions of young families to ever save any money for anything. Of course, those who cannot pay - i.e., those who will not work, will get their insurance paid for by those who DO work. If you haven't noticed, the Thirteenth Amendment to our Constitution, an amendment the Democrats of the day fought tooth and nail, prohibits slavery. Of course, with the enactment of the Sixteenth Amendment, you managed to give yourselves an "out" - it's just a "tax", not slavery. Politicians are very good at twisting language, even if useless for any reasonable purpose on this planet.

4. Due to bureaucracy, health care costs will rise. It's a law of nature. There is only so much true value in our economy, and the actions of Congress in the last few years have ensured that our economy will drop to levels that people in the Great Depression would have seen as horrible by comparison. This WILL result in rationing of health care, and "death panels" no matter what cute name or acronym the clerks come up with. Medical research will suffer, and millions of Americans, and even illegals "enjoying" our largess will suffer poor care and needless death and illness as a result. By this vote, you condemn our country to a future many in "third world" countries would consider poverty.

I am sure that I could find much more to rail against, but since I am sure that you personally will never read these words, I will be satisfied in telling you - or more likely, the staffer who might actually read this, that I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that you become a member of the largest growing class of Americans - the unemployed.

I won't wish you actual ill, as that's not my way - but I am sure that thousands of Wisconsin taxpayers will do so very soon. Enjoy that thought.


OK, I actually tried to send that to Tammy Gay - but her website requires that you type in a security code. Every variation on the five-number "code" was rejected by the program. What a clever way to prevent even useless attempts at communication! She can now honestly claim that she never heard a bad word against her policies, since the website never forwarded the message.

I've got to wonder if that was a conscious decision on her part or by one of her minions, or just poor code design.

Anyway, it's war, now. I'm bringing the biggest guns I can out to fight for her removal from office. So, actually, business as usual here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yet another attempt to control my employee...

Another possibly Quixotic attempt to control the out-of-control:
Ms. Baldwin:

Unless you have PERSONALLY read every word of this bill, and understood the impact on your constituents, and are PERSONALLY assured that this bill is both in the best interests of the taxpaying voters from your district. and also in accordance with their publicly stated wishes, I expect you to do the honorable and correct thing - vote NO on any attempt to federalize heath care.

If you vote for this bill without reading it, or worse, on the recommendation of a staffer or, God forbid, Nancy Pelosi's word, you madam, are a traitor to the people who you represent.

I personally insist that you vote NO.

Vote your conscience, but be aware that we, your employers, are watching.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary stuff

Paranoia? Maybe - but Osama HAS declared a national emergency:

Be on your toes...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Question to my local paper

I just emailed this to the Beloit Daily News. A recent headline said the City of Beloit was needing to deal with the BIA before being allowed to build a casino.
Someone please explain to me why the City of Beloit needs to beg permission from the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, or anyone in Washington DC before entering in to a contract with anyone to build a casino in Beloit? If there's any permission to be asked, I would expect it to be at the state level at the most, unless the property is not in the city limits, in which case the town or county might get involved.

Another thing - why is there even such a critter as a "Bureau of Indian Affairs" in this day and age? Are Native Americans so naive and stupid that they need the Great White Father to make sure they don't get a bad deal?

Just wondering...

What ever happened to state's rights - and when did Native Americans need to get federal permission to enter inot business contracts?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chilling climate change video

In case you need a better reason to oppose "climate change" legislation besides it's right up there with astrology and Osama worship for sanity, check this out:

Found this at There's a link to a petition to be sent to your Congresscritters and to The One hisself.

Go there, do that.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book recommendation

Just finished Matthew Bracken's "Foreign Enemies and Traitors" - the third installment of his "Enemies" trilogy, which includes "Enemies, Foreign and Domestic" and "Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista". See the link on the left.

Frightening images of an all-too possible future, with stirring portrayals of human courage and honor, and a thinly veiled description of current affairs that had me chuckling out loud at times.

Read them all - keep your powder dry...

YAY! Chicago LOST!

As a native Chicagoan, I can only jump for joy at the news that Emperor for Life Little Dick Daley and his tame President Osama have been slapped down is such a strikingly public manner.

Go Rio! Perhaps this year I will break my decades-long streak and actually watch the Olympics.


Tired of posting Herb Kohl's canned responses

It's painfully obvious that Herb Kohl does not read or personally respond to any of my communications. I guess it's my (naive) innate trust that humans have honor and responsibilty that made me keep on trying.

I've just received not one, but two identical replies on the subject of "glowbull worming" that duplicate one "he" sent a few days ago. Same explanations about how it's "well known" that CO2 and methane "accumulate" in the atmosphere and Congress just HAS to do something.

How about NOTHING, idiots?


Friday, September 25, 2009

More Feingold communications

Got not one, but two copies of the following:
Dear Mr. Kuecker,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the increased need for fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction. I appreciate hearing from you.

One of the main reasons that we are in such a budgetary mess that we are currently in is because of the reckless fiscal policies pursued by the previous administration which have left us in the biggest financial hole in our history. Deep deficit spending is something that I am extremely concerned about, which is one of the reasons why I opposed the flawed Wall Street bailout plan.

There are a number of steps we should take to restore some fiscal discipline, and one of those steps is to stop unauthorized spending earmarks. That is why on January 6, 2009 I introduced S. 162, the Fiscal Discipline, Earmark Reform, and Accountability Act. This bipartisan bill is cosponsored by Senators Claire McCaskill (D-MO), John McCain (R-AZ), Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), Richard Burr (R-NC), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Our bill would make it easier to remove unauthorized earmarks in appropriations bills. If any Senator tried to remove such an earmark, supporters of the earmark would have to obtain the super-majority of 60 votes in the Senate to keep the earmark in the bill.

In an effort to further target wasteful spending, I also joined my colleagues, Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, in introducing the Congressional Accountability and Line-Item Veto Act of 2009. This legislation would create a line-item veto to target wasteful earmarks, improve congressional accountability, and deter lawmakers from inserting "Bridges to Nowhere" or other frivolous spending into future bills. This legislation would enable the president to single out egregious earmarks in bills that arrive on his desk for signature and send these specific items back to Congress for expedited votes on whether to rescind, or cancel, funding for these provisions.

One of the main reasons I first ran for the U.S. Senate was to restore fiscal responsibility to the federal budget. Throughout my career in the Senate, I have worked to bring Wisconsin's historic tradition of fiscal responsibility to Congress, an environment where wasteful spending too often dominates the budget process.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please feel free to do so on this or any issue.


The only problem is that I was asking him about the possibility of an independent audit of the Federal Reserve...

Another one, again about health care:

Dear Mr. Kuecker,

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

It is far past time for Congress to ensure all Americans have guaranteed, affordable, high-quality health care. Too many Americans are forced to make basic decisions regarding their health based on cost rather than on medical reasons; too many delay seeking treatment and do not receive preventive care, which results in more costly, or even fatal, consequences down the line. Our country spends $5,670 per capita annually on health care - which is twice as much as any other industrialized nation - and 15.6 percent of our gross domestic product. Despite this spending, we are not healthier than those other countries, and we still have more than 46 million Americans - including eight million children - who do not have health insurance, and countless others who are underinsured.

As you know, these high and rising costs take a tremendous toll on American families and businesses. While inflation grew 9.7 percent, and wage growth was 12.3 percent, premiums for family insurance coverage rose 59 percent from 2000-2004 and show no sign of stabilizing. As a result, many employers are shifting much of their health care costs to employees, no longer providing health benefits, or eliminating positions.

The Senate Finance Committee is currently considering legislation on health care reform. I look forward to Congress finally taking up this issue. Ensuring every American is guaranteed good, affordable health care coverage is made much more difficult by relying only on private insurers. While Americans should be able to retain their current coverage if they choose, providing a public option should keep health care costs down for all Americans.

I am also committed to making long-term care a key part of any reform. Since my time as chair of the Wisconsin State Senate's Aging Committee, I have worked to give seniors and others needing long-term care the choice to remain in their own homes and communities instead of entering institutional care. Long term care must be part of health care reform because helping more people live in their homes is the smart choice to meet both the preferences of families and the need to spend government funds efficiently.

Additionally, the Medicare reimbursement formula has shortchanged Wisconsin for far too long. It is troubling that Medicare provides a more generous reimbursement rate for a procedure done in other states than it does when the same procedure is done in Wisconsin, simply because of an outdated and flawed reimbursement formula. Reducing the inequities in Medicare reimbursement payments is a priority of mine as Congress tackles health care reform.

Again, thank you for contacting me. As health care reform moves forward, I will continue working to improve access to health care and make health care more affordable for the people of Wisconsin. You can learn more about my work on health care reform at my website at I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Again, he (or his staff person who writes these) seems determined to ignore the gist of my communication, which was to do NOTHING about health care, rather to fix the GOVERNMENT that's broken and the cause of virtually all our current social and financial problems.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CIFTA reply from Russ Feingold

This was in response to an email I sent him:


Dear Mr. Kuecker,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Inter-American Convention against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms (CIFTA). I appreciate hearing from you.

As you may know, CIFTA was signed in 1997 by then-President Clinton, but was never voted on or ratified by the Senate. The United States is one of only four of the 34 Organization of American States members not to have ratified CIFTA, along with Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

I have heard from several constituents expressing their concerns that this treaty could infringe upon their Second Amendment rights. I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms, and I oppose measures such as gun licensing requirements and handgun bans that seek to unreasonably limit that right. At the same time, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I have supported U.S. efforts to halt the illicit arms trade around the world.

Should the Senate consider legislation relating to this treaty I will carefully review it to make sure, among other things, that it is consistent with the Second Amendment.

Thank you again for contacting me. For more information about my work on behalf of Wisconsin, you can subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter by visiting I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


I'm convinced these things are canned, written by aides.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tammy Gay votes to spend - again

Just saw that Tammy Gay Baldwin has voted to spend more of the money the IRS steals form us every paycheck...the Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network Continuing Authorization Act

If you have not noticed, our country is in a depression created in large part by Congress spending like drunken sailors. NO insult intended to our Navy.

WHY did you vote to spend money on a local tourist attraction?

Email from a friend

A buddy emailed this to me:
One question: How do WE "change" this if the polititions are the ones who write the laws?????

Not long ago I read a joke... It said all the politicians running for president are promising change to the American people. We send them billions and billions of tax dollars and they send us the change.

Funny? Not really; there is too much truth in it to be funny.

But that got me to thinking... They all promise change.

A restoration that would take us back in time to a place where
things ran better, smoother and life was more enjoyable.

Change? That, in truth, is what they have been giving us all along.

We used to have a strong dollar...
Politicians *changed* that.

Marriage used to be sacred...

Politicians have *changed* that.

We used to be respected around the world... Politicians *changed

We used to have a strong manufacturing economy... Politicians
*changed* that.

We used to have lower tax structures... Politicians *changed* that.

We used to enjoy more freedoms... Politicians *changed* that.

We used to be a large exporter of American-made goods...
Politicians *changed* that.

We used to teach patriotism in schools... Politicians *changed* that.

We used to educate children in schools... Politicians *changed* that.

We used to enforce *LEGAL* citizenship... Politicians *changed* that.

We used to have affordable food & gas prices...

Politicians *changed* that, too... and one could go on and on with this list.

What hasn't been changed, politicians are promising to *change *that as well, if you will elect them.

When, oh when, is America going to sit back with open eyes and look at what we once were and where we have come and say "enough is enough"?

The trouble is, America 's youthful voters today don't know of the great America that existed forty and fifty years ago. They see the world as if it has always existed as it is now.

When will we wake up? Tomorrow may be too late. When will America realize... Politicians are what is wrong with America ? This goes for BOTH parties... Republicans and Democrats, there is no difference anymore... they all do only what they can to be re-elected, not what is best for the citizens!

*What is needed is for the Constitution to be amended to limit all Senators and Representatives to TWO terms in office like the President.
*Oh, by the way,* *no big pension either, social security just like the rest of us. How do they rate bigger and better entitlements than the people THEY WORK FOR? WHICH IS US!!*

*Being a politician shouldn't be a person's life work* *but rather a call to public service then back to being an honest hard-working citizen.*

Politicians are no more than housekeepers and janitors... unfortunately they act like they own the building.

I replied:
Amen - but I would add that any politician who betrays his/ her oath of office by introducing an un-Constitutional bill, gets treated as a traitor in wartime. The gallows ought to be out front of the Capitol, and proceedings televised on C-Span.

Also, the free health care, exemption for the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security, and lifetime retirement pension after one term have to end. CONgresscritters need to be housed in a barracks equal to what boot camp enlistees get treated to, ditto food - and health care. They can stay healthy by walking to work, which should be a minimum of one mile from the barracks.

Air conditioning needs to be removed from the meeting rooms and the main halls in the Capitol, and CONgress needs to meet only during the hottest part of the summer for two months maximum. After that, they go home. The longer they are in session, with "creature comforts", the more likely they will be to enact something stupid.

The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution needs to be repealed. Ditto the 16th. Senators need to be appointed by governors, not popularly elected, and CONgress needs to go on a diet, not have a feeding tentacle in everyone's wallet.

An amendment requiring that ten laws be removed from the books for every new law passed - including budgets, which need to be truly balanced, would be nice, as would a requirement that every new bill come with a Constitutional justification for its' enactment. See the first line.

THAT constitutes a good start for ME.
Then I realized that he had asked a question in that first line - so I sent him another email:
Almost missed your comment at the top - it may take a revolution. I think the opening shots may have already been fired.
Chuck Kuecker

Alert from

Got an alert from's Roll Call about proposed financial legislation.

Here's my contribution:

Let me make this eminently clear. With the exception of the recently repealed Glass-Steagall Act, which needs to be put back in force immediately, there are more than enough laws on the books NOW to handle corrupt banks and dubious financial practices. Enforce what is already there.

Require the Federal Reserve to open its' books for a true accounting of its' dealings over the last couple decades. Require them to operate openly - no "secret deals".

Chuck Kuecker

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Herb

Another exchange with the senior senator from Wisconsin. His reply to my last email
Dear Mr. Kuecker:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about taxes. I appreciate hearing your views on this issue, and welcome the opportunity to discuss tax policy with you.

With my support, Congress recently passed $230 billion in tax cuts as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Working families, on average, will receive an additional $800 in their paychecks due to the "Making Work Pay" tax credit. Additionally, more families will qualify for the refundable child tax credit, which will lift over two million Americans out of poverty when combined with the "Making Work Pay" credit. The stimulus also includes tax cuts for families sending children to college, who are now eligible for a $2,500 tax credit per child.

I believe that another important way Congress can help American families is to get our budget deficit under control. On January 7th the Congressional Budget Office reported that the official budget deficit for FY2009 will be an estimated $1.2 trillion. This is the highest shortfall in history. A serious budget debate this year must include an honest discussion of the costs we are facing in the future and the most efficient means of restoring our economy.

As a former businessman, I understand what a burden taxes can be. I believe we must balance such important priorities as lowering the tax burden on hard-working families, defending our homeland, and educating our children, and reducing the national debt for the next generation.

Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as Congress considers these issues. Again, thank you for contacting me and please feel free to do so again in the future.


Herb Kohl
United States Senator
My reply:
Hi, Herb,

Just read your response to my last missive about taxation.

I don't understand how giving people money stolen from other taxpayers qualifies as a "tax cut". I thought a tax cut was where the gov't spent less, and therefore needed to steal less. Oh well, that's why I am just an engineer and not a politician, I guess.

I definitely agree with you on the idea of controlling gov't spending and "balancing" the budget. I guess this means you will be taking my desires to see ObamaCare and "cap and tax" both die well-deserved deaths by voting NO on these and all other increases in gov't spending?

By the way - I still want you to vote NO on CIFTA, should it come up. Since having some federal agency going door- to door to disarm America would definitely be an increase in gov'ty spending, this treaty cannot be ratified. The fact that it is blatantly un-Constitutional is just a side issue.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More from Herb Kohl

Evidently, the man does not LISTEN...

My comments interspersed...
Dear Mr. Kuecker:

Many Wisconsin constituents have written to express their views on legislation aiming to curb global warming. I appreciate hearing this input as I study the climate bill that the Senate will consider in the coming months.

As you may know, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane accumulate naturally in the atmosphere in order to trap heat from the sun and-similar to a greenhouse-to maintain a surface temperature that supports life. However, energy sources such as coal-fired power plants, petroleum refineries, and vehicle tailpipes are combining to release huge amounts of excess CO2 into the atmosphere, trapping too much heat and causing the climate to warm.


CO2 and CH4 do not "accumulate" in the atmosphere - or we would all be dead now. Ever hear of homeostasis?

Contributions of CO2 by Man are minuscule compared to what Mother Gaea produces naturally. The Earth's CO2 concentration now, with all of Man's "pollution" is about one third or less of what it was during prehistoric times, when all that coal was deposited.

Don't get me started on cow and pig farts.


A warmer climate affects us in a variety of ways. Some areas have experienced violent storms and massive flooding, while other areas have suffered drought and wildfires. Plant and animal species are threatened by changing habitats, and humans could see enormous changes in public health and quality of life. Left unchecked, climate change could have far-reaching effects on agriculture, forestry, ecosystems, water resources, and weather patterns.

It is important to note that climate and weather are distinct terms, with weather denoting a short-term snapshot of one day or week and climate referring to long-term regional average conditions. The weather may be cold or hot on any given day, but scientists have established broad consensus that, because of CO2-intensive human activities, the climate is getting warmer. Our job now is to decide what to do about it.


Your job now is to follow the Constitution, which nowhere mandates you to legislate on a "broad consensus" that is narrowing every day, and is only still religiously believed in by nutcases such as Algore.

The only constant on our planet is change - and that includes the climate. Any reputable scientist will agree that the

Earth's climate has varied from ice ages that covered nearly all of North America with a mile of ice, to times when palm trees grew in Greenland.

Expecting to keep the climate where it is now is as futile as trying to sweep back the tide.


Fossil fuels like coal and oil emit CO2 into the atmosphere when burned. Legislation in Congress aims to reduce these CO2 emissions through a system known as "cap-and-trade." Under cap-and-trade, the government would cap the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from major sources of air pollution, such as power plants and oil refineries. It would then distribute a number of credits equal to the total volume of emissions allowed under the cap, which would be high at first and then gradually more stringent. Companies would purchase a quantity of credits equal to the tonnage of CO2 they emit. Companies that significantly reduce their emissions would be free to sell their excess credits to companies that are not reducing as quickly, giving polluters an economic incentive to spearhead new ways of reducing their emissions. The lowest cost strategies for reducing emissions would likely be adopted first under this approach, allowing a greater window for technological advances to help achieve reductions in areas that might be more complicated.


Legislation now in CONgress aims to make everyone pay for living, by orders of magnitude more than we do now, in order to enrich people like Algore, GE, and other companies that stand to collect immense profits under "cap and tax". The legislation will have the effect of encouraging more CO2 production, not less, as reductions in production would result in reductions of profits.


The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions gradually to 17% of 2005 levels by the year 2050 and requires states to get at least 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020. The bill establishes a cap-and-trade system under which 15% of emissions credits would be auctioned off-with the proceeds reinvested in alternative energy research-while 85% would be freely allocated.

Among the freely allocated credits, 30% of total credits would go to local electric utilities in order to cancel out any increases in consumer electricity prices. Another 13.5% would be distributed among trade-exposed manufacturing industries, such as glass, steel, and cement. Nitrogen fertilizer manufacturers would also get free credits, which will help contain costs borne by agriculture.

In other words, all the industries that are clamoring for this disaster would be the ones who get free passes, everyone else gets to pay - and pay - and pay.

An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the increased cost to the average household for higher energy prices would be about $175 per year or 48 cents per day. Overall, the amount of CO2 emissions preempted by this legislation would be the rough equivalent of taking 500 million cars off the road.

It WILL take 500 million cars off the roads - simply because their owners will be too broke to buy fuel.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that net farm income would decrease in the short-run by less than 1% due to the free carbon credits for fertilizer manufacturers. After the free credits expire in 2025, the revenue that agriculture and forestry would receive from carbon offset activities-such as planting trees, using different tilling methods, and expanding bio-energy production-is predicted to be greater than any additional costs due to cap-and-trade.


Always remember that whatever gov't predicts will come out at a minimum costing twice what they claim, and there's no upper limit to costs. Once this is enacted, the gates are flung wide for further enhancements to be added by whatever bureaucracy without CONgressional oversight is named to run it.


On June 26, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2454 by a vote of 219-212. The bill now proceeds to the Senate, where it will be open to further amendments.


The first of which should be to kill it.


Any climate change bill before Congress must ensure that the Midwest is treated fairly and that Wisconsin's industries are not severely impacted. None of us supports burdening ordinary Americans with steep energy prices. Members of Congress and stakeholders from all over the country are working toward a reasonable bill that will address the serious problem of climate change without imposing higher costs on consumers or constraining our manufacturing sector. A sensible national energy policy emphasizing greater conservation and efficiency can strengthen our country's economic and environmental health.

If you are truly interested in not burdening us with excessive taxes and expenses, WHY do you keep proposing and passing legislation whose ONLY noticeable effect will be to increase our taxes and expenses and cost us our jobs?

This bill is anything but sensible. It's abominable.

I appreciate hearing your views on this important bill, and please be assured I will keep your thoughts in mind before casting my vote. Thank you very much for writing to me.


Herb Kohl
United States Senator
I will be advising him of his errors shortly.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More probably useless communications

I've got to keep trying...sent ot the usual suspects...

I hear the a VAT is being investigated in Congress.

Let's get one thing straight here. You guys work for us, not the other way around. The government already takes way too much money from the American people. New taxes are right off the table, if you want to keep your jobs.

If there's a money problem in the federal government, do what most taxpayers do - start cutting out stuff from the budget until income (without any imaginary raises!) equals or exceeds the outgo - then keep spending down and look for ways to economize and cut waste.

Spending your way out of debt never works. Neither does taxing the productive to death.

Ever hear the story about the goose that laid golden eggs?

Enough with the endless spending and demands for more from us. Tell Mr. Obama that no, he can't have that pet unicorn - or health care - and take the same message to all the banks and other leeches that want tax money as "bailouts".


Just maybe, they will hear, and listen, and act like responsible adults.

Yeah, sure...

More exchanges with Herb Kohl

I recently sent Mr. Kohl an email expressing my concern about CIFTA.

His response:

Dear Mr. Kuecker:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns with the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials (CIFTA). I appreciate hearing from you.

CIFTA was adopted by the Organization of the American States in 1997 to prevent and stop the illegal traffic of firearms at the international level and entered into force on July 1, 1998. The treaty established that the parties must establish criminal offences under their domestic law against illicit manufacturing and trafficking if they had not already done so. Treaties must be agreed to in the Senate before they are ratified. President Obama has stated he will seek the ratification of CIFTA but has not yet submitted the treaty to the Foreign Relations Committee.

I agree that the right of law abiding Americans to own a gun should be protected. However, laws prohibiting felons and other potentially dangerous individuals from owning guns are reasonable and effective ways to reduce violent crime in our communities. In the past, the Senate has considered a variety of gun safety measures. I carefully evaluate each of these proposals, and I only support gun control legislation that corresponds to two important principles. First, I do not believe we should deprive law abiding gun owners, particularly hunters and target shooters, of their Second Amendment rights. Second, I only support proposals that I believe will unquestionably make our communities safer.

Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind should I have the opportunity to vote on this treaty. Again, thank you for contacting me.


Herb Kohl
United States Senator
My response:

Hi, Herb,

Just got your response on my email about CIFTA. In part, you said:

"I agree that the right of law abiding Americans to own a gun should be protected. However, laws prohibiting felons and other potentially dangerous individuals from owning guns are reasonable and effective ways to reduce violent crime in our communities. In the past, the Senate has considered a variety of gun safety measures. I carefully evaluate each of these proposals, and I only support gun control legislation that corresponds to two important principles. First, I do not believe we should deprive law abiding gun owners, particularly hunters and target shooters, of their Second Amendment rights. Second, I only support proposals that I believe will unquestionably make our communities safer."

I appreciate your desire to protect our firearms rights, but i feel I need to point out a couple of possibly subtle points.

First, the Second Amendment says nothing about hunting and target shooting. It is the last resort for the people to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

Second, "laws prohibiting felons and other potentially dangerous individuals from owning guns" are a waste of time, since these individuals will obtain whatever they want regardless of the law - that goes along with them being "criminals". Also, "felons" who have served their sentences are either safe to release back into our society as full members, or they are dangerous and should be kept locked up for life - there is no middle ground. Released "felons" have the same God-given right to protect themselves and their families from danger as the rest of us - and since "felon" nowadays includes several thousands of "crimes" that have nothing to do with violence, this "law" makes no sense except as a means to disarm increasing numbers of Americans.

Finally, international treaties on "arms trafficking" need to concentrate on rogue powers such as Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, and leave American citizens alone.

Any Congress that ratifies this treaty is composed of traitors to our Constitution, and should be prosecuted and punished as such.

Just my personal point of view.