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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New job!

Phone interview Tuesday morning, face-to-face this morning, job offer just after lunch.

More money than the last place, too!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Job offer

Got this email a while back:

Hello Chuck,

I hope you are doing well! I am emailing you regarding the resume you posted online.  I am currently consulting for a couple small businesses and assisting with several business developments in Madison, WI. After reviewing your resume, I think you would be a good fit for one of the several positions currently available. The primary position currently available is for a full time Benefits Representative, the average starting wage is around $60,000 a year.  I am in the office Friday and was wondering if I could contact you for a five minute phone interview between 1:00-2:00pm? Or is there a better time to call you at 608-361-0277

Also, just so you know, there are no fees for you to use my service, assisting small businesses in finding qualified top-notch employees is included with my consulting fees which are covered by the business. If you find that these positions are not the right fit for you, no worries, I work with a number of other businesses and I may have another client that is hiring in the near future. Are you only looking for work in the 53511 area? Would you consider other areas?

I look forward to speaking to you and please note you are receiving this email because you are registered with us on, in the event you are no longer interested in employment please be sure to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

JSM Consulting
Michael Mell
Phone: 262-618-7003
I replied:
Hi, Michael,

If you read my resume, you know I have absolutely no experience in 
benefits, nor any business attempting to apply for such a job. $28 / 
hour is less than the job I just was let go from, wherein I was starving 
in slow motion as the bills piled up.

If you have any electrical engineering jobs or mechanical designer 
(Pro-E / Creo or Solidworks) jobs paying at least $50 / hour or $104K / 
year, I would like to hear about them.


Chuck Kuecker, BSEE

"He" responds:

Thank you so much for the reply message. I was hoping I would have a few  moments to talk on the phone but looking at my upcoming schedule I 
figured I better get some details out to you right away regarding a 
position one our clients is looking to get filled.  Thank you again for your replied message. JSM is committed to helping small and large businesses with all of their needs, specializing in social media marketing. We are not a staffing agency but from time to time we are asked for help with staffing for everything  from restaurant staff to office managers. 

The company's name is Teyssier and Associates. They are a benefit 
services company that issues out and explains benefits to Labor Unions, 
Credit Unions and other associations. Teyssier and Associates is 
currently hiring full time Diversified Benefit Representatives
 for their Madison office, which is located at 555 D’Onofrio Dr., Ste. 
201 Madison, WI 53719. I checked with their office manager Randy and he 
has an opening on Wednesday at 11:00am to meet in person if you could 
make it? I know it would be worth your time as he is looking for a number of people for all types of positions.

Keep in mind we work with businesses all over the United States. If 
there is a location that would work better for you please let me know.

Please let me know if you are available so I can send you a confirmation and add you to his calendar because it fills up pretty quick. I will also send you a confirmation with directions within 48 hours of you picking a date. 

JSM Consulting

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My response:

Well, I guess you are a computer, so this is the end....
I'll post any reply in an update.
I wonder what the .php link would have done to my computer? Or the "unsubscribe" link with all the encoded information in it?

The email address for "Michael" corresponds to - and they want to send spam for you, evidently.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Job offer!

Just got this:

Vacancy respond for Chuck Kuecker

Dear Chuck Kuecker,

At the moment we are looking to hire a talented manager in your area. And
after reviewing your CV online CV database we belive that you are ideally
fit to this position. Your main focus will be working with customers,
documentation and submission of weekly reports.

We provide services in the field of health insurance. After a long and
successful work we are in the leading place in this sphere. We offer you a
competitive wage and excellent working conditions.

Your responsibilities:
- Work closely with our experts and other managers of our company.
- Providing quality services to all customers.
- Implementation of tasks in the set time-limits.

About you:
- You must be a US citizen.
- Your age more than 21 years.
- You must have a stable internet connection.
- Also, you must have the desire to improve and learn.

After your reply we will provide you a trial period. And after its
completion, you will be able to say if this job is right for you or not.
Your wage will be 3,000 $ each month + 500 $ every week. If you fit the
offered conditions, then we are waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Best regards.

mail2web - Проверьте свою электронную почту из сети в
and a link to an email service.The Cyrillic translates as "check your email from the network". 

The sending address is different from the "reply to" address.

I wonder if this is the same outfit that provided the software for Jugearscare - you know, Moochelle's old college buddies...

Pat Condell and more

As usual, he nails it:

So does Nigel Farage.:

The feds ruined my car!

Well, not totally - just the rubber parts in the fuel system.

Federally mandated ethanol deteriorates the rubber used in most cars made before the 1980's.

That's the valve seal from my 1958 Karmann Ghia's fuel shutoff. It's swollen about 25% from the original size, The ragged holes correspond to the main fuel position. I'm going to have to make a new part - originals are no longer available.

Thanks, CONgress!

It's for their own good

Help prevent violence using guns in America. Sign this petition to register the troublemakers!