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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Job offer!

Just got this:

Vacancy respond for Chuck Kuecker

Dear Chuck Kuecker,

At the moment we are looking to hire a talented manager in your area. And
after reviewing your CV online CV database we belive that you are ideally
fit to this position. Your main focus will be working with customers,
documentation and submission of weekly reports.

We provide services in the field of health insurance. After a long and
successful work we are in the leading place in this sphere. We offer you a
competitive wage and excellent working conditions.

Your responsibilities:
- Work closely with our experts and other managers of our company.
- Providing quality services to all customers.
- Implementation of tasks in the set time-limits.

About you:
- You must be a US citizen.
- Your age more than 21 years.
- You must have a stable internet connection.
- Also, you must have the desire to improve and learn.

After your reply we will provide you a trial period. And after its
completion, you will be able to say if this job is right for you or not.
Your wage will be 3,000 $ each month + 500 $ every week. If you fit the
offered conditions, then we are waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Best regards.

mail2web - Проверьте свою электронную почту из сети в
and a link to an email service.The Cyrillic translates as "check your email from the network". 

The sending address is different from the "reply to" address.

I wonder if this is the same outfit that provided the software for Jugearscare - you know, Moochelle's old college buddies...

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