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Saturday, March 8, 2014

So, you think you can spend whatever you want to for health care?

Think again:

Obamacare blocks patients paying for treatment

Care can be denied 'even if patient is willing,' able to cover cost

A new report by the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at National Right to Life warns that one of the Obamacare provisions that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Americans would discover if Congress passed the bill is that some seniors will not be allowed to spend as much as they wish on their health care.
The extreme position was revealed in a special report by the NRLC titled “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States,” which analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare.
It finds several ways that the federal health care law “will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law.”
“These four areas include: the ‘excess benefit’ tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.”
So, Bill Gates won't be able to  pay whatever it takes to get treatment for himself or his family - it will all be up to one of JugearsCare's death panels.

Unless, of course, he elects to travel to Mexico or some other place unencumbered by our government....

If you can afford the travel, and the treatment costs in a foreign country, you are golden. Otherwise, lay back and think of England...

Or - rise up and rid CONgress of the CON - and the White House of the communist wannabe.

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