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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's irritating to me to see that all the elevators that have been installed in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act have notices - "In Case Of Fire, Elevator Is Out Of Service - Use Exit".

OK In case of a real fire, all those people in wheelchairs who used that elevator to access that building are now stuck in there waiting for someone who can carry them down, or immolation, whichever comes first.

How does a blind person find the little Braille signs telling them about washrooms and elevators? For that matter, why isn't the "Elevator Is Out Of Service" sign in Braille? Was some bureaucrat concerned about increasing that person's distress about being trapped in a burning building?

Why hasn't anyone sued the Federal Reserve for making paper money that is illegible to blind people?

I see signs along Ill-Annoys highways stating "EXCESSIVE ENGINE BRAKING NOISE PROHIBITED". Who defines "excessive", and what IS the definition?

Winnebago Country in northern Ill-Annoys just posted a bunch of 2' by 3' signs on some back roads - prohibiting tons of vehicles due to weight. I understand these roads may be susceptible to damage by heavy trucks in the Spring - but exactly what good is a sign like that 1/4 mile from where said truck turned on to that road - and there's no good place to turn around for miles?

And those "DEAD END" signs posted so as to only be visible AFTER you turn into the road? I've seen signs on the same pole as the street name sign telling people there's no outlet. What genius thought up where most of them are placed?

Those expensive walls erected along new highway construction - probably at federal mandate - who decides which neighborhoods DON'T get them? I've seen them erected next to swamps - and ending right next to a bunch of houses. Were the homeowners asked if the WANTED their tax dollars to go toward a big ugly wall in their back yard? Some of these around Chicago are already beginning to crumble...

I feel so much better now!

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