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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A ray of hope

In South Carolina:

Bill to bring second amendment education to classrooms

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A proposed bill is looking to change the zero-tolerance policy South Carolina schools have toward guns by requiring specific second amendment curriculum.
"The second amendment should be freely debated in schools and instead the second amendment is being squelched in our schools," said Rep. Alan Clemmons, R - Horry County.
Rep. Clemmons said he first thought of the idea after hearing about the Summerville student who was punished for turning in a fictional story about shooting his neighbor's dinosaur.
The Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 would give students the opportunity for reasonable expression of the second amendment at school without fear of punishment.

H/t to Bob Owens

 It sure looks to me like the tide has turned. First, polls indicating most Americans want the Second Amendment recognized for what it really means, now push-back against "zero intelligence" in schools.

About time, though I hope Rep. Clemmons heeds Bob's advice:
I would like to see the re-imposition of legitimate, mandatory, year-long civics courses, something that seems to have fallen out of favor in many school districts which would rather teach children about anal sex and alternate genders than the theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, their rights and duties as citizens, and how those relationships work between citizens and governments in our constitutional republic. Discussions about constitutional rights including the Second Amendment would be naturally embedded and discussed in a much richer context in such a course.
I’d suggest that Rep. Clemmons drastically alter the Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 (.DOCX Format download), stripping it down to an act that protects the rights of faculty and students to discuss the Second Amendment and firearms-related issues from punishments by overzealous anti-gun educators.  I’d then suggest a completely separate bill to focus on broadening civics education, replacing some of the social science propaganda being pushed these days as an educational necessity.
We’re all better served in the Second Amendment community by well-rounded students with a classical education.
 Hear, hear!

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