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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo

So, twelve innocents are murdered in cold blood by insane (read, all too typical) members of the "religion of peace and love", Islam.

I don't hear any Muslim leaders calling out for punishment of the criminals. By their silence, they approve of these heinous crimes.

Unless and until Muslim leaders both call for criminal prosecution and possible execution after a guilty verdict for the perpetrators of all "terrorist" acts done in the name of Allah, the only reasonable response to these crimes is to treat them as acts of war.

Give the Muslims 30 days to turn over the criminals for trial, and if they don't, target Mecca with a big, dirty nuke, set for a penetrating ground burst. For every month thereafter without Muslim leaders responding to rein in their "extremist" believers, target another Muslim holy site or large city. The 30-day grace period is to allow them to evacuate their people. If anyone dies as a result of these responses, it will fall directly on the heads of the leaders of this "religion".

Our jug-eared "leader" doesn't believe that the Paris attack was an act of terror? He's tacitly agreeing with their methods.

So .Let's review. First, our "president". quoted:

 An oldie but goodie - the proper fate for all of these criminals:

This one got people killed, too. How many were murdered when someone made fun of the Pope or Billy Graham - ever?

May the fleas of a million syphilitic sheep inhabit the armpits and groins of every Muslim who actively supports jihad and terrorism, or by silence, tacitly supports it.

If "Allah" is such an insecure god as to require acts of terror to be committed at every small indignity, perhaps he's not worthy of anyone's worship. A REAL GOD can survive stupid insults, and religious believers can be sure that their god is going to win in the end - no need for them to murder and maim in his name.

If Charlie Hebdo is still in business after this, I'm going to subscribe. Perhaps I can brush up on the French they tried to teach me in third grade...

A parting shot - this is too good not to steal and preserve for ever:

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