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Thursday, August 3, 2017

After action report

Went to Madison today to appear at the hearing for AB 427, which would set up a standardized gun safety curriculum for Wisconsin's high schools.

Having a certificate from a recognized gun safety class is a requirement for all high schoolers who wish to get on their school's trap team. Some Wisconsin high schools already offer this, but there's no standardization.

The gallery was less crowded than when I was there for the Constitutional Carry hearing (still in committee). Several WAVE and "Moms Demand Action" shirts in evidence, maybe six total. Most of those people left after the first in-favor speakers.

The first speakers were a pair of high school juniors from Denmark near Green Bay. They are both on their schools' trap team. They made a compelling argument for the bill, and answered all questions with well considered answers.

Their coach was the second speaker, followed by representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Education.

No "against" speakers up to the point I left. Looks like this bill is going to get a vote.

I spoke to the trap team coach after - he thinks the Constitutional Carry bill will get a vote. Fingers crossed.

Took the opportunity to go up to the observation deck around the base of the Capitol rotunda. Just in time for the rain - got thoroughly soaked on the way to my car.

Update - got an email from Senator Lena Taylor - she is consistent, at least - was against the Constitutional Carry bill because it made training optional, but is in solid support of AB 427.

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