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Friday, October 6, 2017

Email to President Trump

I sent Jugears a similar email early in his first term, long before I developed the habit of using that nickname for him:

Dear President Trump,

Now is not the time to cave in to the people who would use the events in Las Vegas to promote their anti-freedom schemes.

America has suffered under illegal and anti-Constitutional "gun control" since the 1934 NFA was enacted in response to the gang violence created in part by federal legislation (and a Constitutional amendment!) banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. The Treasury needed to keep in place all those "revenooers" who were hunting stills in the backwoods, and the "Valentine's Day Massacre" in Chicago gave them the excuse they needed to force the National Firearms Act through Congress.

The NFA, required a $200 tax on certain firearms clearly protected by the Second Amendment, and on devices known as "silencers". It also drove the creation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, which has grown out of control over the decades into a bureau that oversaw such disasters as Obama's "Fast and Furious" operation.

The assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., and RFK were used to force through Congress almost a word-for-word copy of pre-WWII German law as the 1968 Gun Control Act, which for the first time forced firearms dealers to obtain federal licenses, and expanded the powers of the BATF.

In 1986, legislation was enacted to ease some of the 1968 GCA regulations, but at the last minute and amendment was added that forever banned Americans from registering new NFA weapons, or making their own devices. President Reagan was supposedly unaware of this amendment when he signed the bill into law.

There are several bills in Congress at present that would at least partially remove some of these infringements. The GOP leaders have withdrawn these bills in view of the Las Vegas events, which is exactly what the anti-freedom crowd wants.

Stand firm for American freedom. Demand the GOP stand behind you and fight for true freedom, dangerous and messy it may be, over yet more regulations and so-called "safety".

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