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Friday, September 15, 2017

Kirsten, again.

Probably banging my head against a brick wall, but...

September Priorities Survey


I need a federal government that follows the Constitution, is limited by law, and truly supports American values.

I need immigrants to do as my grandparents did - apply to come here legally and then integrate into American society.

A strong economy will follow a debt-free federal government with minimal taxes and regulations, and vigorous prosecution of those who flaunt federal anti-trust, price-fixing, and conspiracy laws - like health care organizations, doctors, hospitals, insurance and drug companies.

We have a representative republic, not a democracy. Stop saying that.

(What can one say?  Jugearscare must go!)

 (Their parents made the decision to violate our laws - the children's misery is the direct result of that.)

(Show me proof man has the power to override the Sun's effect...)

(Let's use charged language, shall we? The federal government has no business having a Department of Education in the first place, let alone anything to do with student loans.)

(Yet she still sends me these emails...)

For what it's worth...

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