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Friday, September 8, 2017

Another Kirsten survey

Her comments in italics - my answers in regular font.
As kids across the country head back to school and Congress returns to session, I hope you’ll take a minute to let me know what’s on your mind.

One that values individual freedom above all other things. One that has a minimal government, firmly under control of a strong, well written Constitution. One where corrupt politicians spend long terms in prison rather than being re-elected.

One where a photo ID is required to vote, and immigrants apply to be admitted to the country rather than sneaking in.

One where everyone is treated equally, and expected to carry their own weight. One where no one can expect to live off the labors of another.

One where they are free to learn the true history of our country, without the teacher's personal opinions treated as fact.

One where people are born with a gender, and either live with that, or pay for any changes they desire out of their own pocket.

One where the government is forbidden from raising taxes without a majority of Americans agreeing to the change.

One where elected officials do not have the power to raise their own salaries.

Do any particular issues before Congress or the Supreme Court concern you or make you hopeful when you think about your children's futures?

The fact that Jugearscare has not been repealed, the Mexican border wall is not under construction, the health care crisis has not been addressed by vigorous prosecution of officials in drug, hospital, and insurance companies for racketeering, and that our state public schools have any kind of federal oversight.

What do you think leaders in Washington and in your local government can do to help build a brighter future for every child?

Repeal Jugearscare, repeal the income tax, end DACA, enforce the law as written, and the Constitution as written.


It feels good to unload...

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