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Monday, September 4, 2017

Kirsten Gillibrand wants my opinions!

Been getting emails from her for a long time. She has been sending links to these surveys for a few months now, and I reply religiously.

Here's an example:

0% complete

Priorities Survey

Thank you for taking the time to let me know about what's on your mind. Will you take a minute to tell me more about your priorities? – Kirsten

My response:

Immigration - do it legally or stay home. Build the wall to help keep out the criminals.

Health care - repeal Jugearscare root and branch, prosecute hospitals, doctors, drug companies and insurers who collude to fix prices. 100 year old laws need enforcing here.

Abortion rights - there are none. Get a Constitutional amendment passed if you want the federal government involved here, otherwise, it's state's rights.

LB*** rights - see last comment.

Medicare and Social Security. I get both - and would love to see both programs abolished. Fix health care and get rid of the IRS - let people take care of the rest themselves.

Sexual assault - there are laws already. Enforce them fairly and equally at the state and local level. What happens on base is a matter for a court-martial.

Climate change - it's real, we didn't start it, we can't stop it. Look up - see that bright thing in the sky? It's the sun, and IT is the cause. Man is too puny to change the Earth's climate.

- states' rights at best.

Foreign influence - treat it like espionage. That's what the CIA is for, right?

You really want to help America? How about a federal law to stop email spam and robocalls, as well as Caller ID abuse? We have an FCC that has authority in these areas - use it!


Waste of my time? Probably, but who knows?

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