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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jugearscare blues

My wife called the "healthcare exchange" for some information, since she's without insurance since I retired and my "income" puts me above the limit for getting Jugearscare for her at a "subsidized" rate.

She made the mistake of giving them our phone number.

In the ensuing 24 hours, we have been called by no fewer than 20 different numbers around Wisconsin - each a robo-dialer that transfers to a semblance of a human working in a bullpen with other "operators". This person - it has to be a person, since no computer would ever be programmed with such ill skill at pronouncing English words and mangling our last name - reads from a script about how we had inquired about health insurance.

I hung up on the first few after telling them "not interested", swore horribly at the next few, got recorded messages from a few more while we were out, and told the last few that we were not interested and PLEASE remove us from their call list.

When Jugearscare is finally repealed, at least one segment of the economy will suffer - robocall bullpen phone operators. I'm sure that can all get employment in one of the branches of the Occupy movement, or as staffers for Demonrats.

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