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Friday, May 23, 2014

They never learn

Went to a "green belt" Six Sigma course yesterday for my employer. The class was held at the Northern Illinois University campus in Rockford.

Prominent signs posted on the drive in to the parking lot - placed out-of-sight of the actual entrance, so you have to drive in and pass it before you can leave the premises (which probably qualifies as a crime in Ill-Annoys if you are a CCW holder - entering "posted" property) state "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" with a nice Euro-style red circle-slash through an automatic pistol.

NIU, you might remember, was the site of a "school shooting" back in February, 2008, while my daughter was attending. She was nowhere near the actual scene, thank God. The shooting was in part enabled by the law then that prohibited honest citizens in the state of Ill-Annoys, let alone on campus, from having protective devices at hand.

The course instructor marveled at the proliferation of these signs - on public parks, and everywhere hoplophobes and soft-brained liberals rule.

Now, this:

KARMA: Business posts new “NO GUNS” sign; robbed within days, employees beaten

So, the owner of a new barbeque place in North Carolina, Greg Hatem, posts his establishment “NO GUNS” with a custom-made sign designed to make gun owners feel extra unwelcome.
Apparently Greg hates ‘em when it comes to guns.
A few days later, some thugs figure it’s a good spot for a hold up and not only commit an armed robbery, but they beat the employees as well.  Be sure to mosey on over and check out the surveillance video of the attack.  The media described the vicious attack by three armed black men in hoodies who terrorized the staff.  One staff member was taken to the hospital.
The anti-gun owner, Greg Hatem, is offering a $2000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.
Hey Greg?  Free advice.  Take the sign down and you’ll better “take care” of your employees and customers.
I hope those employees all sue for violation of their Constitutional rights - and win big. They might end up owning the place.

Side note - one of the other students, sadly an Ill-Annoys resident, told me that Ill-Annoys CCW licenses are going for upwards of $600 when you factor in the mandatory 16 hours of  classroom training, the firms that offer "first try" CCW application success, and the cost of the license itself. I sure am glad to see that the Demonrats in Chicago have managed to effectively eliminate all those inner-city people from ever being able to defend themselves from Chicago's endemic violence via over-pricing an inalienable human right. Perhaps those people will think of this the next time they are bussed to the polls.

Nah- I'm dreaming...

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  1. But,if you "people" living in Chicago are happy with what the democrat party is doing to YOU and America....just keep on voting democrat