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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cautionary tale

The lefty-liberal hoplophobes just LOVE the idea of "smart guns". They will solve ALL the world's problems stemming from the easy availability of handguns in our cities...

“Smart” Guns: A Story of A Girl 

Cara’s mother kept her firearms in a safe with an electronic lock. Cara had discovered the code for the lock while rummaging through her mother’s sock drawer weeks ago.
The 9mm pistol inside the safe was a “smart gun.” It only worked if the user’s thumb-print matched a list of authorized users. Luckily, her mother had made her an authorized user when they were at the range last summer. Cara picked up the gun, checked to verify that a round was chambered and that the magazine was loaded before putting it in a holster that she slipped into the front of her pants. She loaded the two spare magazines for the pistol—in her state, you could only have seven rounds in each magazine—and dumped them in her book bag. Her mother’s other handgun, a .40-caliber pistol, had an RFID-activated chip in it just like the local police used, and required the use of a watch with an embedded code. It also required that a four-digit code be punched in immediately before use. Fortunately for Cara, her mother had written down that code on the same piece of paper that held the code for the lock. Cara carefully printed the four-digit code on her right wrist, put on the watch, and covered both with her jacket sleeve before slipping the gun into her jacket pocket. Five spare magazines went into her other jacket pocket. She looked at the clock on the wall. It was time for school.
Good read.

If smart guns ever make the mainstream - or worse, if they are mandated, as in several Demonrat/Liberal infested states already, this WILL happen. Guaranteed.

Mr. Owens is more hopeful than I am - but:
The scenario above is fictional, and hopefully it will always remain so.
It was written to point out two truths.
ONE: Given time, technology—no matter how clever—can be defeated, and is often defeated by the simplest of means.
TWO: Technologically complex items always seems fails when it is needed most. This is why professionals opt for the most simple and reliable weapon systems available. This is why the military and police forces utterly refuse to consider “smart” guns. They need to be able to pick up any firearm, and make it fire, 100% of the time. So does anyone else that chooses a gun for self-defense.
Computerizing firearms creates a high level of technological complexity. Systems that require complexity introduce unnecessary failure points, and in the case of smart guns, may cost lives… many lives.
Smart guns are simply not wanted by knowledgeable shooters, and the desire for them seems to come only from those who are afraid of all firearms, and who desire control over others. You can rest assured that like every modern technology, “smart” guns will be built with a government “backdoor” enabling these arms to be deactivated by authorities.
One might even reasonably suspect that being able to disarm everyone with the push of a button is precisely the goal of those who champion such technology.
 Suspect? I, for one, am dead certain of their goal.


  1. The additional "value" of a "smart" gun is that the circuits can be programmed at the factory to become non-functional after some random amount of time passes, making the gun useless. And no spare parts are available. In effect, you never really own the gun, you just rent it a few years at a time from the factory

  2. Those of you who listen to your local police with a scanner should know that more and more agencies are switching to a new system called Open Sky which is digital and encrypted..that means no more listening to whats going on around you. I'm hoping some radio nerd will come up with a solution but I rather doubt it...this time.

  3. I fear you are correct - digital encoding done properly is undecipherable.

  4. But then again..genius types come along with a simple trick,that no one thought was possible, and do the impossible . The po lice,keeping their activities secret, are just going to alienate them that much more. Even the news media will be in nthe dark unlwss they can buy a receiver but they won't have the proper code entry but if they do find a way to listen...we can also.