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Sunday, May 11, 2014

About time

Wisconsin City Police Refuse to Enforce Public Park Gun Ban

Video at the link.
…Chief Beguhn reviewed the local ordinance after Karenz’s complaint and found that the ordinance is no longer valid.
According to, the chief said the ordinance is invalid because of Wisconsin’s “preemption laws on firearms.” He has ordered signs banning guns to be taken down and pledged that he will not enforce the ban even while the signs are up.
Wisconsin Carry receives credit for bringing the Wisconsin “preemption” to everyone’s attention, and Chief Beguhn has followed up by choosing not to enforce an outdated ordinance.
People these days are brainwashed into being scared to death the moment they see some guy with a gun on his hip. I’m glad that this small city has a police chief that refuses to be ruled by people’s irrational emotions and fears over guns.
The woman quoted does not think guns should be around children - I guess she would object to the police being anywhere near her kids?

It's refreshing to see some of our sworn peace officers refuse to enforce a blatantly illegal law!

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