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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Operation Choke Point

Wherein the IRS blackmails banks to shut down the accounts of businesses that the IRS finds to be non-PC:

Timeline: Operation Choke Point

The investigation that Justice Department officials have dubbed "Operation Choke Point" was first disclosed in March 2013. The probe aims to prevent fraudsters from accessing consumer bank accounts by choking off their access to the payments system. Its effects have been felt by banks, payment processors and companies that make short-term consumer loans over the Internet, with some industry officials arguing that at least some of the affected online lenders are legitimate businesses. Here is a look at key milestones of the investigation.
"Operation Choke Point " was conceived as a way to shut down "businesses" that are actually scams and criminal enterprises. Of course, to a Demonrat / Liberal, businesses like gun dealers, book sellers that offer "heretical" subjects, and businesses that cater to patriots are non-PC, and should be stifled by whatever means necessary...

Never propose a bill or law that you would not be comfortable with your worst enemy enforcing it...

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