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Monday, May 19, 2014

Go read - well worth the time

The best discussion of how to handle threats I have ever read.

Ann Barnhardt

So… I almost got in a fistfight today (plus a repost of “Hard Truths About Combat Tactics” with an instructive cat video)

So crazy panhandler dude, seeing that I’m on my own, decides to get bold.  I drew him back away from the tabernacle, still trying to enjoin the “men” to get involved.  Then, crazy panhandler dude charged me.  And here is where the mental preparation pays off.  He was about 15 feet away, and when he charged I thought three things in this order:
1.  Trust in God and fear no man.
2.  Move straight forward into the attack.
3.  Meekness is power under control.
So, when he charged, I lifted my chin maintaining drilling eye contact, threw back my shoulders, dropped my daypack that was in my left hand in an “I’m getting ready to beat your ass in the two-fisted manner of the old school” sort of way, and stepped forward to meet him.
And you know what he did?  Aw, guess.  Go ahead.
Yup.  Player stopped short and backed up.
 The cat in question is the "hero cat" that defended her young boy. The video is pretty graphic - that cat risked death to stop an attack.

Can any of us call ourselves men if we can't at least be as brave as a cat?

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