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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I hope she gets her wish

Sandra Fluke: ‘‘I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican’’

  “I must say that as dire and barbaric as these Boko militants in Nigeria seem, we have to remember that if these girls are released and come to America as political refugees, they could end up working for Republican lawmakers here in California or in Washington, or end up living in a Red state in the South, which would no doubt make them wish they were still in the clutches of militant al-Qaeda-linked rapist terrorists,” Fluke told Brand.  
I can only hope that if this prime example of Demonrat logic and wisdom gets elected, she gets a junket to one of those Islamic paradises that are so much better than flyover America, and are populated with people who are at least not CHRISTIAN.

And she forgets to wear a bag over her head...

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  1. Oh yeah..this is the one with the expensive sexual activity. Isn't she known as ol Mattress back in certain circles?