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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are we fooling ourselves?

Quite possibly:

The fantasy of “Modern Militia” and the III%

I’ve seen a lot over the years.  More than I really care for.  But what leaves me amazed is the folks in the “Patriot Movement”, the “III%”, and the Militia Movement that believe they will make some grandiose stand ala Lexington Green to face down the evil and corruption we are confronted with.  It makes for good fiction and film but is it feasible?
In two words – fuck no.  Those fine folks clad in multicam with their ARs, AKs, and other assorted Tchotchkes and gee-gaws assembled as the bastions for liberty are going to find one thing at that future Lexington Green – their wholesale slaughter
So? What do we do?
1.  Quit reading and practicing Army small unit tactics straight out of the FMs.  You are not going to fight airland-battle, you’re not going to win at the Battalion or Company level fight, and if you get away with a platoon I’ll be damn proud (and quite frankly amazed) of you.  How do you beat a superior force?  Look at who has done it.  The Muj, the IRA, Hadji (and if that offends you fuck off), The Vietcong, and most of our special ops guys.  Small unit guerrilla actions will win.  So drop FM7-8 and start reading and practicing tactics you’ll find in tomes like the Green Book and anything else you can get your hands on that deals with small (and I mean four guys small).  Mosebys blog is an excellent source of info tied up into one package.
2.  Learn your AO.  Master it.  I spend a couple of hours every Sunday just driving down the same old dirt roads I grew up riding my old Honda dirtbike on.  They change and if you haven’t seen them this season you can bet things are different.  Get every map of your AO and study it.  Make notes, plan primary, alternate, and tertiary routes to and from where ever you have to go.
Go read the whole article. 

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