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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cuomo consults experts!

The guy who just signed the biggest violation of the Second Amendment in the history of the State of New York is not working in a vacuum - when he needs advice, he goes to the world's most recognized expert on the subject:

Under Pressure From ‘Expert’ Yoko Ono, Gov. Cuomo Delays Decision on Fracking

Yes, we know what you’re thinking — Yoko Ono? For real? What, you didn’t know she was an expert on hydraulic fracturing?
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is becoming Hamlet on the Shale.
On Tuesday, Mr. Cuomo’s administration again delayed making a decision on whether to allow hydraulic fracturing, a controversial drilling method used to extract natural gas from rock formations like the Marcellus Shale, which extends from the Appalachian Mountains to New York.
Controversial? Well, only with extremist nutcases like Matt Damon and this washed up hag whose only relevance is she married John Lennon about 43 years ago. But these lunatics kick up enough fuss and a vacillating twit like Cuomo, who has further ambitions beyond Albany, has to play the hard-left base of his party. So screw the economy.
The heck with secession - can we EXPEL NY and CA from the Union?

Don't forget that pimple on Lake Michigan, either. Put up a Berlin-style wall with checkpoints at all the interstates crossing the Crook County line, and allow no one in except registered Democrats - and no one out except those willing to swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States...

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