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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rep. Amy Loudenbeck

This lady is a real people's representative. I wish she was still in my assembly district.

She got the email from Remington I sent yesterday, and took the time to not only respond to someone out of her district, she forwarded it to Ms. Ringhand.

And responded almost instantly to my response thanking her.

My response to her:
Thanks, Amy,

I appreciate the forward.

That was a canned email from a web site - I wish I could have edited the
message. We do NOT need any new laws, least of all more background
checks and registration - as registration is a necessary prerequisite to
confiscation, as history has told us many times - and confiscation is
often followed by genocide.

Chuck Kuecker
Her almost instant reply:
Hi Chuck!  

Yes, I understand and will work to protect your second amendment rights,
regardless of what district you live in!


Amy Loudenbeck 
Representing Wisconsin's 31st Assembly District 
(608) 266-9967 
I wish we had a full house of people like her.

I now have Janis Ringhand (D) as my assembly rep, due to redistricting. Aside from the (D), I really have no good idea what her stand on our basic rights is - or if she's ever read the Bill of Rights and understood it.

If I get a reply from her, I'll certainly post it.

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