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Saturday, February 2, 2013

BATFE Milwaukee fail

Your taxes at work. For the last year or so, the BATFE in Milwaukee operated a store in the Riverwest area selling designer clothes, shoes, jewelry and drug paraphernalia. It was supposed to also act as a drug and gun fence, to catch criminals.

Free Republic has details.

The score so far:

30 indictments for low level gun charges. Supposedly, new guns bought at retailers were sold to the sting because they were paying such high prices.

$35,000.00 merchandise lost to theft.

A looming legal battle with the building owner, who charges $15,000 in unpaid utility bills and damage to the premises.

When the store closed, sensitive ATF documents were left behind - including agent's personal data.

To top it off, at least one ATF select-fire weapon was lost, and is now at large in Milwaukee.

These are the people supposedly protecting us from illegal guns, tobacco, and alcohol. Oh, yeah, also explosives. Stuff you could buy off any hardware store shelf prior to 1968, except for the smokes and booze.

I've got an idea - we've got budget troubles in the US. Let's disband the BATFE and save a few hundred million every year of "stings" like this.

Probably save a few billion...and the federal employees let go would hardly make a dent in the 9.8 million Americans who lost jobs since Jugears took office in 2009...

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