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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CCW class in Beloit

Not free this time:

FYI - please spread the word.
This e-mail is being sent to because either you or someone you know has requested a spot in the "Lawful Concealed Carry and Self Defense" class that I will be holding on February 23rd.
The class will be held in a rented room at Peoples Church in Beloit, WI.  The address is 340 W. Grand Ave.  Enter the parking lot from W. Grand and drive all the way around the back of the building to the right. The class begins at 9:00am and will be finished by 2:00pm.  The price for the class is $50.00 and that includes all of your course materials and documents that you will need to apply for a Wisconsin CCW permit.  If you are a resident of the state of Wisconsin you must have a Wisconsin CCW permit before you can apply for any other states non-resident permit.  The class price does not include the $50.00 that you need to send to the Wisconsin DOJ for your permit.
This class also meets the mandatory training requirements for the state of Utah.  Upon completion of the class you will be able to apply for a non resident permit.  A non resident of Wisconsin can apply right away for a Utah.  I will go into greater details regarding any permit questions you may have during the class, so please don't lose sleep over what you should apply for.
No student firearms are needed or allowed in the class.  There will be regular breaks during the class and snacks and lunch will be provided.
Payment can be made the day of the class by check or cash.  Please make checks out to KSAC Training LLC.
If you and or someone you have contacted will be attending this class, PLEASE, respond back to this e-mail with the correct spelling of your name, and anyone who will be attending with you, as it appears on your drivers license or state issued ID.  I need this so that I can print up course completions certificates prior to the class.
Lastly, I still have openings for this class.  If you know of anyone else who may be interested in attending, please let me know so that I can save a spot for them as well.
Thanks for your time.  I'm confident that you will enjoy the class and I look forward to meeting all of you next Saturday.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me at your earliest convenience!
Todd Namminga
KSAC Training and Firearms
NRA Certified Instructor
Utah BCI Certified Instructor

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