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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Soveriegn citizen

the new and triumphant "yankee doodle dandy" ..... the sovereign citizen ..... for, we are in fact, in theory and in law sovereign .....

for, my dear friends, we citizens of this great country are in fact, in theory, and in law, sovereign.  we are our own emperors, in perhaps rude and humble clothes, but we wear our mantle and our raiment's proudly.
and, we are sovereign.
we rule ourselves.  and, we are governed solely to the extent that we agree and accept the governance.
we retain the right to rebuke usurpers, at the point of a bayonet and at the barrel of a gun, if we so choose.
we are, indeed, sovereign citizens.
in his arrogance and hubris obama, his minions, his ilk, his supporters, forget this.  we shall remind them, if necessary to assert our sovereignty, with bullet and cold steel.
so, i proudly accept the mantle of "sovereign citizen."  for that is precisely what i am.  sovereign in my own home.   sovereign on the soil that i trod every day.  and, distinctly sovereign over and above the pretenders and usurpers.
they don't like it?  well, then, bring in on, assholes.   bring it on.   come get my gun, if you can.
john jay @ 02.16.2013
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