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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sheriff Spoden responds

A while back, I sent Rock County Sheriff Robert D. Spoden a letter requesting a response. Got it on his letterhead today. No scanner available, so I'll have to type it in:

Dear Mr. Kuecker,

Thank you for your written letter expressing your concerns. As Sheriff of Rock County, I take my oath of office and its responsibilities very seriously. I assure you I will continue to enforce the law to the best of my ability and ensure the safety of all our citizens in Rock County.

Thank you.


(signed in ink) Robert D. Spoden
Robert D. Spoden
Sheriff of Rock County

I note that he never mentioned the Constitution explicitly, but did promise to "enforce the law" and "ensure the safety".

I hope it doesn't make any difference that he ran with a 'D' after his name...


  1. I myself will be writing the sheriff a letter as well and ask him to clarify his postion on the escalating talk of a new "Assult Weapons Ban". I'm hoping that the "D" won't affect his oath and not let a "king" disarm "we the people" by decree.

  2. Based on Mr. Spodens previous statments prior to the enactment of concealed carry and his recent closing of a gun show via loop hole @ Red Barn I think you are being overly optimistic =(