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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Let's ban the last resort of a free people to resist tyranny - But - It's FOR THE CHILDREN!

I remember going to a Chicago anti-gun rally back when Little Dick Daley was in charge. We were sequestered behind cattle fences at least 50 yards away from the huge stage with professional sound, where Daley and select Demonrats would present their latest proposal for getting rid of all those evil guns in private hands.

There were a few hundred Chicago public school kids bussed in from their classes to form a backdrop for the TV cameras.

We walked amongst them and asked a few why they were there. "I dunno". "They told us to". We passed out small copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to some of them. A man dressed in a priest's collar ran around grabbing the booklets from the kids, as if we had been passing out pornography.

To Demonrats and other psychopaths, freedom is a dangerous delusion. Better to trust in the State and not worry your pretty little head about all that stuff.

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