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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Went to the FBI's E-Check site to log in - you have to do that every so often to keep them from marking your access inactive, and I have a customer wanting a transfer.

Got this:

FBI NICS E-Check Logo FBI NICS E-Check
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A system error has occurred. Please contact the FBI NICS at 877-324-6427 and select Option 3 for resolution.
Se ha ocurrido un error de sistema. Favor de contactar el FBI NICS al teléfono 877-324-6427, y elegir la Opción #3 para resolver.

Please exit the system.

Only problem is - I call the number, select '3', then the 'other' selection since there is no selection for "system error". I get a recording telling me that "due to call volume, customer service is not available".

UPDATE 1/2/13 - The customer service is back - probably they don't work on holidays or holiday eves. Long wait for a live operator, but finally got through to a guy who reset my account - you have to log in every 90 days, and the last transfer I did was late September...

So, put the conspiracy to bed.

For now...

If you can't access E-Check, you can't transfer guns legally. Is this how Jugears Osama is going to end the Second Amendment?

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