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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Call For Action

Call For Action: Send To Your Sheriff, Demand Answers

Found at The Market Ticker:

 Print it out, send it to your Sheriff with a demand for a written answer.

If CONgress passes an un-Constitutional law, insist your Sheriff stand up for the law and refuse to enforce it. If we had demanded this of them starting back in 1934, we wouldn't be forever fighting "Common Sense Gun Control".

My letter:

Sheriff Robert D. Spoden
Rock Country Sheriff's Office
200 E. US Highway 14
Janesville, WI 53545


Dear Sheriff Spoden,

As a Rock County resident, Wisconsinite, and concerned American, I view with great alarm the recent frenzy to "do something" about "gun violence" that seems to be resulting in ill-conceived and un-Constitutional actions by our Congress and President.

As Sheriff of Rock County, you are our first line of defense against these illegal actions. The federal government is supposed to do the will of the several States, not dictate to them, and certainly it should never be allowed to dictate to sovereign citizens as to how the may or may not exercise their unalienable human rights.

As you know, the Boll of Rights in our Constitution does not confer any rights to the people - it stands as a limit on the power of government. Too many of our elected officials seems to consider the basic law of our country to be an outdated piece of scrap paper, and have enacted various laws in direct violation of it.

It is up to local Sheriffs to stand up as Sheriff Tim Miller of Linn County, Oregon has, in the enclosed letter.

Please stand up for all of us in Rock County, and issue a similar letter to both the President and the Vice President - that Rock County will not enforce illegal laws or countenance any federal agent attempting to do so.

I have sent letters to my state representatives, asking them to bring a bill to the state legislature similar to what is now being considered in several states, enacting a state law to prevent federal or state enforcement of any such illegal laws.

Please respond in writing as to your actions in this matter.


Chuck Kuecker

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