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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fudd speaks!

Another "gun nut" with no clue as to what the Second Amendment means.

Hint: It's not about hunting or "sport".

Tim Eisele: As a hunter, I say ban assault weapons

Following the tragic shootings in Connecticut, it is a time for moderation and common sense. Everyone who hunts knows the concerns over gun control and how it could affect their sport. Everyone who hunts also knows that there are reasons to be concerned for human safety and tolerance of other people.

Everything I do involves the outdoors and my passion for natural resources, which is centered around hunting. But we as hunters also need to realize that we are a minority of the population. The citizenry allows us to hunt, because they realize it is a traditional method of recreation and gathering food sources, as long as it is done ethically and within restraints of natural resources agencies to ensure that wildlife populations continue and flourish.

Thus it is not surprising that the steps by legislators to try to open hunting in all state parks in Wisconsin were likely to draw backlash from the general citizenry. It would likewise not be surprising to find the citizenry upset at knowing that hunters can use bait, perceived by many as unethical, or want to open hunting seasons on numerous species once considered to be non-game.

And although hunters have every right to purchase and use firearms, it is time to realize that there is no good reason to own firearms that are made to look to the general public like they are assault weapons and to own clips that fire 25 or 50 rounds. The semi-automatic shotgun or rifle limited to three to five shells is adequate for hunting purposes and sport shooting.

The militia IS the majority of our population, though most also have no clue about that fact.

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  1. This is your typical uninformed fudd. He doest realize that he is going to lose his autoloading shotguns,his large caliber rifles, (sniper rifles)and maybe a place to hunt. The weasels who want your guns also want you to quit killing Bambi.Oh save us from these "gunners" who live on the wrong side of reality.