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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homegrown useful idiot

This time it's a RINO from Fond Du Lac:
Greetings in Freedom, 
As you are all well aware, in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting, many politicians who would really prefer to ban all guns, have used the tragedy to re-energize old proposals to begin to chip away at your right to own the kind of 
gun you prefer. 
Wisconsin Carry does not participate in fear-mongering, and we are cautious with your time and don't make "calls to action" until we believe a situation warrants immediate action. 
We believe this is one of those situations.  
Many anti-gun politicians have wanted to re-instate the Clinton "assault" weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 1999 
This is no surprise.  What is a surprise is when otherwise "pro-gun" politicians begin to throw your gun rights under the bus by agreeing with the gun-banning politicians and their proposals which would do NOTHING to prevent or even mitigate the carnage in these mass shooting situations.  

U.S. Representative Tom Petri(R)Fond Du Lac is ready to do just that. 
Tom Petri is quoted in the following article saying:  
“One thing that might be helpful, which I have supported in the past, is to limit the size of the (ammunition) clip,” Petri said. 
Previous bans have limited the magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less.  The vast majority of common semi-automatic handguns carried for self-defense by law-abiding citizens every day in Wisconsin hold 12 to 15 rounds of ammunition 
in their regular magazine that came with the gun.  Limiting magazine capacity would do NOTHING to prevent mass shooters from inflicting their carnage.  
Use the following facts when you contact Rep. Petri 
Fact: The Clinton AWB was passed in 1994.  It did nothing to limit the carnage in Columbine in 1999 when the shooters came in with multiple guns and dozens of 10 round magazines. It takes only seconds to drop a magazine from a gun and insert a new one. 
Fact:  In the Virginia Tech Massacre the gunman used 2 guns and carried 19 extra magazines in a backpack with him as he went on his killing spree. 
Fact: The Shooter in the Sandy Hook elementary school was in the school for 10 minutes before taking his own life when police arrived. It takes less than 4 seconds to drop an empty magazine from a gun and insert a new fully loaded magazine.  Limiting magazine capacity to an arbitrary 10 rounds wouldn't solve any problem, but it would make the magazines that came with millions of legally purchased, legally owned guns illegal. Millions of people already own them, tens of millions are already out in the market place. Criminals would not turn their's in. Only the law abiding would be affected. Even if they "grandfather" magazines already owned, the prices just skyrocket for individuals to sell the ones they already have. 
Please contact Tom Petri today!  

If you live in Tom Petri's district, you can email him from the following web-page: 
You can call and leave a message for Representative Petri at the following 
(202) 225-2476 (Washington DC office) 
Fond Du Lac Office:  
490 West Rolling Meadows Drive, Suite B 
Fond du Lac, WI 54937 
Phone: 920-922-1180 
Fax: 920-922-4498 
Oshkosh Office: 
2390 State Road 44 Suite B 
Oshkosh, WI 54904 
Phone: 920-231-6333 
Fax: 920-231-0464 
You can leave comments on Representative Petri's facebook page: 
Please take a few minutes today to contact Representative Petri.  Its bad enough when anti-gun politicians want to take away your rights.  Its even worse when pro-gun politicians want to sacrifice your rights when it wouldn't prevent a single mass shooting. 
Carry On, 
Nik Clark 
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, inc. 

Wisconsin Carry
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