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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Racist remarks

Edited to force Blogger to use the correct embedded video...

Cliven Bundy has been castigated in the MSM for saying that American blacks were better off under slavery than under modern "liberal" welfare.

Here's what he actually said, in context.

Video found at The Market Ticker where Karl Denninger has a good take on this.

I believe that "civil rights" as practiced for the last 50 years, and as designed by that paragon of racial tolerance Lyndon Baines Johnson, is directly responsible for most, if not all, of the black on black and black on whoever violence in our cities.

Welfare and affirmative action have produced more than two generations of people who do not know what a normal family is, who have been systematically trained to look to big government for all their needs, have been trained that working is for fools and that as long as you vote for the Demonrat candidate, you will keep getting free stuff.

Slaves in the Old South had family values and moral training from their parents. They also had something that modern blacks in inner cities do not have - the freedom to escape slavery, albeit at great risk to themselves, and the will to act to better themselves if possible.

I'll wager that if we were to bring a freed slave from the depths of Alabama in the 1850's to our time and show him this, he would recoil in horror:

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