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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bearing false witness

Yesterday, I got broadsided crossing an intersection on my way to work. The Focus will need a new passenger door, possibly a new right tie rod, and serious metal work.

Oh, well, I was going to repaint it this Spring, anyway.

I was driving south on the frontage road to the east of the main road. Stopped at the stop sign at a cross street. Cross street had traffic lined up for the red light - I had to thread past a jerk who pulled past the "DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION" sign.

As I pulled past him, I caught movement to my right. Swerved left - got nailed in the right front wheel and door by the '99 Town Car that had just made a right turn off the main road, and didn't bother looking where she was going.

Pulled over and got out. The woman driving the Lincoln got out and I asked her if she was OK.

The Lincoln got some scratches on the bumper cover.

She told me she had just turned onto the cross street and I pulled out in front of her. Well, that was pretty much what happened. She called her husband to come out.

Called 911 to report the accident - they hung up on me, or the cell phone lost signal. She called the police direct from 411.

The husband took the woman off for a talk. When the police arrived, she told the officer she was northbound on the FRONTAGE ROAD, and I pulled out in front of her. The only way that would have worked out would be if I was making a left turn. Since my place of work is south on the same frontage road, there is no way I would be making a left at that intersection.

I got a $120 ticket for "improper lane usage". I could go to court, but I would lose more than $120 in lost wages and irritation, and likely would lose. Illinois traffic courts are all about revenue, not justice.

So, now it's up to the insurance company to fight it out. It's possible I will get something to help fix the Focus, but I'm not counting on it.

Driving the Ghia until I at least get the tie rod fixed. I don't need to ruin the front tires driving with extreme toe-out...

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