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Monday, April 21, 2014

Carbon Belch Day 2014

Wow - I missed it. Carbon Belch Day was in March. I mistakenly thought it coincided with Earth Day - when all good Greenie Lefty-liberal Demonrats and their ilk bow down to Mother Gaea and pledge to end the infestation of human beings on the planet.

Damn. Getting my neo-pagan organizations mixed - I conflated the Voluntary Human Extinction crowd with Earth Day. I'm sure there's plenty of overlap there.

Anyway, better late than never. Rode the Suzuki 250 oil-injected dirt bike around the property Saturday- put another 20 miles on it. Let some friends ride also. Took the grandkids for a golf cart ride yesterday - good old Harley-Davidson zero spark advance two-stroke mosquito smoker. Moved a bunch of dirt with the Massey-Ferguson Super 90 Diesel smoker.

Burned trash and brush a couple weeks back - for me, Carbon Belch Day is whenever I go out back, mostly.

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