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Friday, November 8, 2013

The future is here

Guaranteed to give Hairy Reid, Nancy Pee-Lousy, Babs Boxer, Diane Feinswine, and all other PSH/hoplophobes the running shits:

Story and photos here.

It appears that perhaps some polishing and stamping of lettering was done after the printing - sintered parts are "grainy" looking right out of the printer, and there will be some roughness due to the finite thickness of the many layers of metal making up the parts.

The barrel is the last sticking point for 3-D printed weapons. Plastic versions only last a few rounds at the most, as plastic tends to melt or char under the heat of a round firing. let alone the friction of the bullet in the bore.

Laser sintering 3-D printing machines aren't cheap - but they also aren't federally regulated - yet.

I wonder if an enterprising entrepreneur could buy one of these and offer time on the machine to citizens who want their very own one-off printed handgun?

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