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Saturday, November 2, 2013


OK.Time to vent.

JugearsCare is imploding. The major networks are reporting the fact that Jugears Osama LIES bald-faced whenever he tells us "facts" about this abomination, and knew long before the thing was passed that no one would be able to "keep their present plan".

The Demonrat leadership is starting to fracture. True believers like Nancy Pee-Lousy and Hairy Reid are still hanging on, but many others are fleeing the sinking ship of state.

Even some of the RINOs in CONgress are starting to figure out that their support of this creature from Hell might hurt their re-election chances.

The EPA is poised to finish Jugears' plan for destroying the American economy. Bush-era environmental rules just closed the last virgin lead smelter in the USA - now, all our heavy metal needs will come from China, where there is no effective "EPA".

The FDA just approved China as a processor for our chicken - so we are now going to be shipping American-raised birds by ship to China for "processing" in plants unregulated by those same bureaucrats who can't stop salmonella outbreaks here. When will the first lawsuit against KFC or McDonald's for melamine-infused chicken parts be filed?

Dianne Feinswine and Babs Boxer and their ilk are still trying to get more illegal gun control laws enacted.

The Federal Reserve has told us they intend to keep on printing funny money by the billions per month. Inflation is good, right?

When will the outcry for mass impeachments start?

More importantly, WHO will prosecute those impeachments when those needing to be impeached make up a majority of CONgress?

Locally, the infestation of roundabouts or "traffic circles" continues to spread. I found a new route to work around the west side of Rockford that unfortunately has one of these idiocies in the middle of a major 55 MPH highway - with a 15 MPH speed limit - and they mean it. 15 MPH is the upper limit for safely going around those curves.

Common Core continues to encroach on our schools, and the Demonrats in Wisconsin led by fleebagger and lame duck Tim Cullen can't stop squawking for more money for "public" schools, to be spent on things like seat belts in school buses. Evidently, bus accidents are not sufficiently bad now - they want to ensure that the kids have even less chance of getting out of a sinking, rolled or burning wreck than they do now - at a cost of only about $15,000.00 per bus.

The Town of Beloit is considering incorporating part of the area, and cutting us in the rural area loose. At least here the leaders are going to listen to the voice of the people. That might not make much difference, since in a "democracy" the 51% get to dictate to the 49% - and the majority of Town of Beloit residents live in the area being considered for incorporation - and would benefit from it.

Enough. I'm sick of ranting. When the rain clears, I'm going out back and doing some target practice.

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