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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Open carry in Neenah, Wisconsin

Recently in Neenah, two guys were out for a walk, one carrying a rifle. Somewhat unusual in downtown Neenah, perhaps, but nothing to get all worked up over.

First we have the 911 call that triggered the incident:

And the dashcam from the responders:

The officer gets a bit wordy here, but he's got something of a point. PSH do fear people carrying weapons.

The solution is not to hide our weapons but to desensitize the public to regular carry. This should not be seen as am unusual situation.

This cop tells us that if he sees me "walk into a gas station" carrying, he's going to cap me. I guess I've been really lucky, since I've open carried into several Beloit gas stations - and never got a look, except for the clerk with the Middle Eastern accent who wanted me to show him my gun - I declined...

Link to the YouTube page with lots more open carry videos.

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