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Saturday, November 2, 2013

And now, some other news

Recently, I put flashing in place around the outside cellar door. No more basement flooding from water leaking past the edges of the door.

Also rebuilt the small storage shed - it's going to be the winter chicken coop. The original back by the shooting range will be too far away to manage once we get a foot of snow on the ground, let alone be possible to have electricity run out to it to keep the birds and their water from freezing.

The '63 Bug is poised to get new door seals and trim - and a replacement windshield (again, the first new one developed a crack at eye level on the driver's side) for reasonable prices, even with shipping. Might be able to have the car sealed up before the worst of the weather hits us.

The new job is going good.

#1 daughter is mostly moved in to her new house.

Everyone is healthy, despite the best efforts of our government.

Moved my orange workshop hypercat Leo II into the house - Lucky and Hal are still hiding, but the signs are that they will learn to co-exist peacefully. Now, I can work without an orange streak flashing across my keyboard periodically.

Oh, yeah - found the nagging problem with the prototype I've been working on for my last customer - a bad solder joint on a filter capacitor. All the weirdness in the unit is gone now - and my desire to work on that project is back.

Going to go out later today to finish clearing the swale I want to bridge out back of fallen trees. Might actually finish that job before winter.

Off to work!

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