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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Sipsey Street Irregulars has some good advice for anyone concerned about our country and wanting to do something about it...

Praxis: Musings on Counterintelligence, Cockroaches and Rats.

Agents provocateur can be similar to snitches but generally are brighter, higher-functioning, more sociopathic. The best ones are charismatic, but deeply serious about the cause. They are constantly urging action, warning of dangers, casting doubts on other group members, etc. Good APs are hard to find, so Feds often reuse them under different names with other groups across the country. He may have left one group because it wasn't "hardcore" enough, or claims to have had a falling out with the leadership over principle.
With all of these the best defense is the individual Threepers' moral center that I talked about above. DPAs, SCI,s snitches and APs all count on human weaknesses -- without that moral center, if they scare someone enough they can guide them into making threatening statements, taking steps to do something illegal, etc. The principal method used is the "what if they do this, then we should do that" hypothetical discussion. NEVER -- EVER -- GET SUCKED INTO HYPOTHETICALS. If you know who you are and Who you serve then it is harder for the evil bad guys to sucker you into betraying those principles. They may have the latest threatening news of some intended raid, with just enough detail to make it plausible. Beyond a certain heightened awareness, do not react. If you have good relations with the local sheriff, report the threat to him. If someone tries to draw you in to a can't miss deal on an automatic weapon or explosives, do the same thing. Do NOT call the Feds. Remember, they're the ones who sent you the puke to begin with in order to entrap you.
Why do you think the FBI does not record interviews (even though it is high-tech and extremely efficient and precise), but uses two agents to do the interviews and write down afterward what they claim was said? The report is called an FD-302, and they can, after the fact, make it say whatever they want since it is the word of the two of them against the one of you.
I remember vividly the advice that the retired Marine counterintelligence officer once gave me. When dealing with people who approach you, always ask yourself two questions:
1. Why is this guy telling me this?
2. Why is this guy telling me this NOW?
Another important caution, again from the Bible: "Take not counsel of your fears." DPAs, SCI's and APs all count on fear to make you do things you otherwise would not. Just keep doing what you're doing and don't take your eye off the ball. If you feel the need to do SOMETHING then go train, meet and greet with potential political allies, have a cook-out BUT DON'T REACT. A reaction is what they are looking for. Deny it to them.
And don't forget the antiseptic qualities of bright light. If you are not in a position to do that yourself, pass the knowledge on to someone who can.
 Our jug-eared "leader" (and his predecessors!) have given the secret police (FBI, Homeland Security) directions to seek out "domestic terrorists" - defined, of course as anyone who believes that America is a country with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, not a tyranny where you can be fined for not buying government-mandated "health insurance" or jailed for having freedom's tools without Big Brother's explicit permission...or anyone who believes that God is supreme over government, and wants to not serve or hire people who act in ways abhorrent to his religion..or anyone who believes in freedom, when you get right down to it.

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